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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness
holy crap, she's like the combination of all the worst and evil minds in the world mixed into an innocent-looking girl who has no boundaries or limits
You may say that, but Haruhi is not evil, in traditional sense. More like rampant disregard of other's well being .

Actually that's not exactly right.

Spoiler for minor-medium:

As the story goes on, you will see different side of Haruhi. Some are nice, some are funny, one or two even made me go "wow I never knew she is like that inside her mind". The story needs time to develope its characters.

There is a method in her madness. More than method, actually. She is a very rounded character.

If I have to complain, I would complain about Mikuru. She gets the short end of the stick in terms of character developement. Therefore out of the four primary supportive characters, I like her the least.

Spoiler for very minor:

Spoiler for speculation for other novel readers:

Those aside, the pacing of this episode left much to desire. Animation is still top-notch, but the pacing....

To Sushi-

Spoiler for very heavy, novel oriented:

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