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Cosmania 2014 (day 2)

This convention was held last last Oct 4-5 at SM Mall of Asia. Well, time flies so fast - Cosmania 2013 feels just like yesterday. Anyway, we attended day 2 (Oct 5).

Without any further delay here are the pics:

We arrived at about 1 pm in the afternoon, and entered the first floor of the SMX building. First cosplay pic of the day is our friend Cristel, she's cosplaying as Siesta 45 from Umineko. To the Umineko fans reading this - the shoes that my friend is wearing is not the actual shoes of the costume. The shoes for the cos got damaged and cannot be used for walking anymore. Good thing she and her sis found a replacement.

. . . . .

She also made this drawing a few days after the convention.

Next is a Ryuko Matoi cosplay by Grace.

. . . .

Shocross cosplaying as a Brawler type from Ran Online.


And one more friend. Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay by Haru Chin. She isn't wearing a wig, just using hair extensions.

. . . .

Well, we say goodbye to Cristel's group (they are going out to get lunch). We now proceed to exploring the first floor of the convention area.

Time: approximately 12:30 in the afternoon
Place: first floor of SMX building

Jaymee cosplaying as an Earth Guard from Perfect World Online. Hmm, it's the first time that I heard of PW. Looks like a fun game.


Kagome and Kikyo cosplay by Jenny and Mitch


Chii cosplay by Michelle. She's one of my companions in going to this convention.


We decide to have a few more pics with Jaymee. She's a really tall girl.
She is accompanied by her mom. It's nice to have parents who support the hobby.

. .

And walking a bit more, we see chibi versions of Kill la Kill characters. Aoi as Mako and Ayaka as Ryuko.


Plenty of cosplayers even if we just stay on the same area on the first floor. ^^

Charlene as Lux from League of Legends.

. .

MJ cosplaying as Ryuko Matoi. Another friend who came with us on the trip to Cosmania. We got worried because she felt dizzy on the vehicle because of the long trip - she recovered after taking some meds for travel sickness. ",)

Aria Kanzaki cosplay by Jhen. She's another one of my companions in this convention. We decided to rest near the wall for awhile.

Saw a maid near the escalator. She's in a rush though, so we were not able to ask her name. ><

Resting near the walls is good after a long trip. Received a text message while we were resting..

My friend Haruna Kazumi, she's the girl with long black hair. Well, she's not cosplaying anyone right now. But told us that she will on the next con. Always glad to see friends when visiting a convention.


Ave Gail cosplaying as Canada from Nyotalia. She's rather cute with that teddy. ^^


Ann Salas as Katarina from League of Legends


Haruka Nanami from Uta no Prince Sama. Cosplay by Prances Jane

Lucia Nanami cosplay by Ile Diga.

. . .

Well, we don't really need to move much. There's already plenty of cosplayers passing by our area.
Anyway, let's stay here for a bit more. We will go up the 2nd floor later.

Keena cosplaying as Amulet Spade from Shugo Chara.

. . .

Jewelry Bonny from One Piece. Cosplay by Abi


Time: approximately 3:30 in the afternoon
Place: first floor of SMX building

Kousaka Honoka cosplay by Ysay. There's also an Umi cosplayer with her, but I got distracted by something else (possibly a text message).. when I looked again, the Love Live cosplayers are gone. ><


Ketsui cosplaying as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.

. .

Florilyn-sensei cosplaying as Takeru Totsuka from Kamigami. She told us that her character has sword, but she left it on the second floor. She borrowed the sword used by Jen. Oh, and we call her sensei because she's a teacher irl.


Saw another friend. Joseph cosplaying as Kirito from Sword Art Online. He's using a new wig.

I guess it's now time to go up to the second floor. We've rested at the same area for quite some time already. ^^

Time: approximately 4:15 in the afternoon
Place: second floor of SMX building

The first cosplayer that we met at the second floor is Jecka. She's cosplaying as a character from Kancolle. Sorry, the character is not listed on my notebook. Unable to list down because the area we are in is very crowded. Will ask her about it later (this part will be edited).

. . . .

Next we met a pair of Kyoukai no Kanata cosplayers. Mirai Kuriyama by Ruby and Mitsuki Nase by Paula. Hmm, we are always seeing cosplayers from this anime. It must be good, will try watching it. :3


Enju Aihara cosplay by Joyce. And that's a nice smile.

Time: approximately 4:30 pm
Place: inside function room at the second floor

We now entered a function room. I think there are 3 large function rooms available for this convention. And one of them you don't need a ticket to enter.

We took a peek inside. So crowded..


Slowly but surely, we move through the crowd looking for more cosplayers. xD

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Akio Silvert.


Up next is our friend Bea-chan. So glad to see her, she's one of my first friends in the cosplay community. Unfortunately, due to tiredness. Was not able to ask her cosplay (this part will be edited).

. . .

Walking a bit more inside the crowded function room.. we meet Cristel's group once again. It's already late afternoon, where most people are already tired - but they're showing no signs of tiredness. ^^

Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay by Haru-chin

Ryuko Matoi (synchronized version), cosplay by Grace


Cristel cosplaying as Siesta 45

And this one is sort of a fun shot that we took. The others smiling in the background.

One more shot. People who watched Kill la Kill will understand this one.

And lastly, a shot of the two other people in their group. Shocross (Ran online cosplay), and Rachel (maid costrip).

Well, it's getting late. Time to move on and take some last shots before going home.

Time: approximately 5:15 in the afternoon
Place: second floor of SMX building

And this is a lucky day. Saw a Love Live cosplay group! Too many to ask all of their names, but I did ask the group leader's name. And the Eli cosplayer is someone that I know.

Dianne cosplaying as Kousaka Honoka and Eli cosplay by Mutya. Not sure, but I heard that they would performed on stage a few hours ago.

. .

Vogue Royal Cosplay. This is a nice place to buy wigs, and othe ruseful cosplay accessories.

Little Red Riding Hood cosplay by Jessica. Sorry, did not notice that the pic was blurred when I shot it. Already quite tired at this time of the day/

Maid cosplay by Cielo

Toko Fukawa from Danganronpa. Cosplay by Dianne Gene

Received texts form my companions, it's time to go home. Met another friend as we are going out of the function room.

Junko Enoshima cosplay by Irish Paladin. Told us that she temporarily quit cosplaying, and only came back this day. We shared some candies from our Chii basket with Junko-san. ^^

. .

Time: approximately 5:30 pm
Place: outside of function room, second floor of SMX building

We saw another Chii. And the names are similar too.. my friends's name is Mich. And the cosplayer that we saw is named Mitch.

Chii (pink dress version) by Mitch

And one last pic from the second floor. She is another good friend, and one of the the best Taiga Aisaka cosplayers that I've met at conventions.

Haruhi Chiisai cosplaying as Mine / Mein from Akame ga Kill

. . .

Took a pic of the Cosmania 2014 banner as we are going down the escalator.

Time: 6 pm
Place: first floor of SMX building

We rested near the wall while waiting for the others.

My friend MJ, cosplaying as Ryuko Matoi (school uniform version) from Kill la Kill.


Takeru Totsuka from Kamigami no Asobi. Cosplay by Florilyn. She has the right sword this time. The first time we met her, her sword was left at the second floor.
. . .

Mirajaine Strauss from Fairy Tale. Cosplay by Nerie

And the last pic for this day is a Rin Kagamine cosplay by Yuki, and a Kaito cosplay by EJ.


Goodbye Cosmania 2014, and hoping to be back for Cosmania 2015. It has been a nice and memorable day. ",)

These pics are from my friends who also attended Cosmania 2014, but we were not able to meet there. Pics were not shot by me, credits goes to their respective photographers.

Ragnarok Online cosplay by Ross and her friends. Actually, they are a dance group called 15 Raindrop. They sometimes perform at cosplay events.

Pics are from left to right. Ross (Valkyrie), Alen (High Priest), Arlene (Sura), and Angel (Mechanic)

. . .

Donna as Juvia from Fairy Tale

I'm certain that she is Juvia on the day of Cosmania 2014, because I saw her other pics there. Though this pic that she gave to me, not sure if she did the shoot for this one at the event. Maybe there are sofa in the other areas that we didn't go to?

And the last pics would be Jakie and Jose Chipeco. Owners of Three Smitten Kittens shop. Our reliable props makers. We've already hired their services four times, and the finished products were nicely done.

Jakie and Jose Chipeco as Tharja and Gaius from Fire Emblem


Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next convention writeup would be the 9th Christmas Toy Fair on Dec 12-14. ",)

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