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I had the same trouble clicking through to the Japanese wiki. But it worked when I copied the link location and pasted it into the address box:

Nice post from Futaba-chan about how good this is as SF. It creates a real other world, rather than just dressing up ordinary people in alien costumes. It's good to see more SF that is at least partly directed at women. The extra attention to relationships is good. I've come to enjoy a lot of SF by women: Catherine Asaro, Melissa Scott, Julie Czerneda, Linda Nagata, Joan Vinge, Elizabeth Lynn, Tanith Lee, Marion Zimmer Bradley, etc.

The wiki says that the Arcus Prima ship was originally for observing the Tempuspatium. So maybe all the people there are more priests/priestesses than originally military leaders. The official site says that the Simoun Sibylla are priestesses, but it appears that Aaeru and Morinasu are part of a new breed who are not priestesses. The wiki says that Aaeru didn't have the right family background. For the Sibylla to be priestesses makes sense, since Ri Maajon appears to involve communication with the Tempuspatium. The wiki says Prima is home to two other corps besides Corps Tempest.

I don't see any info anywhere about whether other parts of this world have the same gender biology as Simulacrum, but the fact that the pilots for the other side seemed to be women, too, makes me think they might.

(I'm just going to stick with the spellings from the official site until it becomes clear exactly what foreign spelling is intended for names like Aaeru.)
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