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The Ontology of Haruhi Suzumiya

You know, I've never scanned the OP in so much detail as this before... After the title and before the Starry Run sequence are a lot of formulae written in white (hence hard to read). I could spot:

Haruhi Power Walking shot (focussing on her skirt/mid-body)
Electron-positron orbits
The Capital Lambda symbol

Haruhi Power Walking shot (focussing just above her head)
- Chemical formula for a Benzene ring (along with its formula written out compact form: C6H6)
- t_universe (presumably a Cosmology equation)
- Planck's Constant (i.e. h-bar) in [J s] units
- Some geometric series summing to infinity
- D = 0.4 + 0.3 x 2^n (not sure what this is an equation of)
- Schrodinger's equation written in Dirac Notation
- N = R^0 x f_p x n_e x f_l(?) x f_i(?) x f_c x f (this seems somewhat familiar but I can't quite pinpoint it...)
- H(x) = - SUM [for all x within the set X] (......) (couldn't read all of this but I don't quite recognise that x within X set condition. Maybe a Hamiltonian?)

Haruhi Cheerleader sequence
English + Kanji + Standard form representations (i.e. 10^3, 10^6, etc) of orders of magnitude going upwards (up to Septillion and higher)

Mikuru Cheerleader sequence
- Schrodinger's equation applied to a potential well
- E^2 = c^2 p^2 -> (i h-bar d/dt)^2 c^2.... (etc etc etc) (Normally it's E^2 = c^2 p^2 + m^2 c^4 so this is some expression for a massless particle - likely a photon)
- Expression for the time-dependance of wave functions (though they're using d^2/dq^2 where q is a generalised space coordinate)
- h-bar = h/2*Pi (standard notation this)
- E = mc^2
- A partial differential equation used in Thermodynamics (I think that's S for Entropy and u for Internal Energy... damn so rusty on this one)
- A probability expression
- Grad^2 spelled out (d^2/d(x_1)^2 + d^2/d(x_2)^2 + ... + d^2/d(x_n)^2)

... I'm probably the only one right now who's wishing Mikuru isn't blocking the background in this sequence.

Haruhi Banchou sequence
Kanji + Standard form representations for orders of magnitude this time heading towards the small scale (10^-15, -16, etc)

At this rate, the Haruhi OP will become my motivation for studying for my final Physics exams... XD
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