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Originally Posted by JDigital
Also, what does "moe" mean?
Expect a very broad answer:


Moe can be any or a combo of things listed by Sushi-Y in post 35.
Moe is the backbone of the multibillion yen otaku industry.
Moe is what NoSanninWa "got" all of a sudden back in November 2004 (reading that with post 549 and post 550 would make a really good 4-koma manga!!)
Moe is something that can't be described, it's something that you know you are moe~d when it hits you.
When moe warms your heart and melts your brain out of uber-moe~ness, you are officially considered to be an otaku in my eyes (that's saying a lot).
Your moe may not necessarily be my moe.

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