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Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2014 (day 3)

Hi, here's one last anime convention for the year 2014. Christmas Toyfair (also known as Christmas Toycon) is a 3 day event held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2. Well, one good thing to do with spare money during Christmas is go to a convention. so here we are. ^^

Without any further delay, here are the pics:

We arrived at about 1 pm. Entered the first floor and went up the escalator to the 5th floor where the Megatrade Halls are located. We saw a large group of cosplayers and started to take pics with them.

First cosplayer is Airi, cosplaying as Project Diva version of Hatsune Miku. She's cute.

. .

Up next is a Miku Izayoi from Date A Live, cosplay by MJ. She's one of our companions in the car.

. .

yuri shot ><

Karen cosplaying as Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill. She's also one of our companions in the car. Told me that this cosplay is a bit hard for her, because Satsuki does not smile. ><

. .

Walking a little bit more, we saw our good friend Florilyn sensei. She's cosplaying as Akihito Kanbara from Kyoukai no Kanata. Hmm, sensei likes to crossplay as male characters.

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Dianne. Well, Akihito will be lonely wihtout his partner. :3

JC Torres cosplaying as Kirito from Sword Art Online. Beside him is Mich, cosplaying as Grand Archer Rena from Elsword. Mich is also one of our companions in the car. Unfortunately, she has a bad fever on this day. ><

Mirai Suenaga cosplay by Doll Tsukino. She has a nice smile.

Em Em copsplaying as Babydoll from Sucker Punch

Hatsune Miku cosplay by Kate Armea


Alice Chang cosplaying as Honoka (Wonderful Rush version) from Love Live

Time: approximately 2:30 in the afternoon
Place: outside Megatrade Hall 2

Time to buy some tickets.

Place: inside Megatrade Hall 2

As expected from a Christmas event. It's a busy place inside. Plenty of things to see. :3


Can't pass by all of the shops and booths because there are too many. But we did take a look at most of them.

An anime shirt is a nice souvenir.

Cute wallets

One shot with Karen while waiting for the others. Satsuki smiles sometimes.

This one looks expensive..

Cat stuffed toy. Really cute, but don't have spare money for it. I have real cats at home anyway. ^^

A convention isn't complete without a gundam display of some kind.

Drawing section

For some reason we needed to go out... someone got hungry? xD
Just kidding about the hunger, we just decided to walk in the hallway. Because there are more cosplayers outside than inside.

Time: approximately 3:30 in the afternoon
Place: outside Megatrade Hall 2

A cute costrip by Larah

. . .

And only a short time on going outside, we meet Mikhaela cosplaying as Yoshino. Finally, we meet another Date A Live cosplayer.


Lolita cosplay by Miku Miku and Nachan Yllona

. . .

Scorpion cosplay by Caloy. I realize now that we also met him last Tagcom 2014, although not able to write his name that time. This guy is good at cosplaying Mortal Kombat character.


Rizza Felias as Kagamine Rin (secret police version)

We've been standing for almost 3 hrs now.. time to take a little rest and sit near the stairs. Top of the stairs is good place for resting. Anyway, haven't been sitting for long when another Mirai cosplayer arrived, and sit together with us. She told us a strange story.. that a lady screamed in the women's comfort room, because some crossdressing guys tried to change there - a guard went in and told the crossdressers to get out.

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Maria Arne - she's small, cute, active, and fun to talk to. She seems like the real Mirai in the anime.

. . . .

Fatima cosplaying as Chiyo Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo

It's now getting a bit late, so we decide to go back inside the Megatrade Hall for the last time. Why time flies so fast when a person is having fun?

Time: approximately 5:15 in the afternoon
Place: inisde Megatrade Hall 2


Took pics beside Love Live. That's actually our next cosplan.


Some more souvenir shots. ^^

. . .

Takoyaki tastes good. Our tiredness was gone after eating.

It's now time to take some last shots outside.

Time: approximately 6 pm
Place: outside Megatrade Hall 2

Kotori Minami (mogyutto version). Cosplay by Lin Ling


Ryuuko Matoi cosplay by Teresa Mae

We met sensei again, still in good shape and smiling. Though her Mirai seems to have gone home already.

Grace cosplaying as Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. Just like sensei, she's also one of our friends. Grace can make her own props - one of her projects is to build a complete set of armor for Yatogami Tohka from Date A Live.

Yuki Ayano cosplaying as Ciel from Kuroshitsuji

And last pic for the day is a human monobear cosplay by Diann. First time for me to see this design. Has white wig, it's like a girl version of human monokuma.

Well, it's time for the sad part of the day. It's now time to go home.. We didn't spend much, but the day is still plenty of fun.

Goodbye Christmas Toyfair of 2014, and definitely coming back for Christmas Toyfair 2015. ",)
__________________________________________________ ____

These pics are from my friends who also attended Christmas Toyfair 2014, but we were not able to meet there. Pics were not shot by me, they are owned by their respective photographers.

Toyfair day 1

April cosplaying as Miku (anti Holic version)


Rhoan cosplaying as schoolgirl version of Asuna from Sword Art Online.


Kamen Rider girls, cosplay by Cheenee and her friends. They are a dance group.

from left to right.. jean garcellano - kr ixa, inah uriza - kr kiva, cheenee avila - den,
jhen nella - kr 000 (read as oz), miracle allaneez - kr blade, aya de guzman - kr double

Toyfair day 2

Gelli cosplaying as Gundam Miku. The costume is made by herself. She told me that it's not easy to make, but she really like the character - so she worked on it until it was finished. Nice work Gelli. ^-^


Christmas Nico Yazawa, cosplay by Haruhi Chiisai. She told me that this verision of Nico is from a School Fest card. It's my first time to see something like it. ",)


__________________________________________________ _____

And one last thing. Since this is a year end writeup. I would just like to mention again some memorable events from 2014.

Best of Anime 2014 (Sept 20-21) - fun event, we enjoyed it a lot.

Full writeup here:

Ozine Fest 2014 (April 25-27) - hard to believe something like this happened.

Full writeup here:

Well, that's all. Than you for reading.

Hoping for another year of anime conventions this 2015. ",)

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