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Originally Posted by SpaceDrake
But now, just so I understand, we're basically going to be looking at the same events over and over for like six or seven chapters, right? If so that cools my enthusiasm a bit... doesn't seem like there's much more to add.
Nope. Each chapter is a different.

Think about it this way:

You're on your way to work.
You decide to turn left.
You get to work normally.


You're on your way to work
You decide to turn right.
You get hit by a dump truck and end up in the hospital.


For some reason the alarm clock didn't go off and you are already late for work to begin with.

Getting the jist of it? Each of these "chapters" is an alternate world where one small decision/fate can alter the course of the game.

In Onikakushi, a certain thing happens (you decide what was the decisive factor) that lead to that ending. In the next chapter, Watanagashi, Keiichi makes a decision (which you need to decide where/what the altering factor is) that changes everything. And in the third chapter Tatarigoroshi, a certain event occurs that drags everything down the shithole. However, each of these chapters provides hints and clues that will help you in solving some of the mysteries in the previous chapter(s); while mind-blowing you with even more mysteries. In the end, it all comes down to utilizing those hints and clues to find out the larger scope of things occurring at Hinamizawa.

Originally Posted by MarmoO
One question: is it ok to assume that Keiichi at the beginning was perfectly sane?
Yes. So in your theory, Keiichi some how got delusional somewhere, right? Can you pinpoint where?

Originally Posted by Endymion
Well...[abridged]...treating his cold.

Spoiler for Mild spoilers from Episode 3:

As I said I don't think that's the actual plot since it's too straightforward and doesn't explain some key things, but speculation is fun
Interesting. Many Japanese players had similar theories when they first played the Onikakushi-hen chapter.

As for your spoiler:


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