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Originally Posted by celcius
Whoever it is that has to catch the ball beside the umpire (sorry, not familiar with baseball, we don't have baseball), will die a horrible death. If he/she happens to survive through the game, well, he/she would have his/her hands scarred for life....
That player is called the "catcher." It is an important and difficult position, and catchers often get hurt. The special equipment they wear is nicknamed "the tools of ignorance."

I can't say who my favorite character is, but note the avatar and sig: Gotou Yuuko is Mikuru's voice, and doesn't she do a great job? (hic-squeak) For those who don't know, she's also Kaede in Shuffle and Nanami in Lamune. Check out her home page (click the link from her name to find it). She draws well, and illustrated the home page herself. She has a good diary there. Latest news: she has a new column in Seiyuu Grand Prix (「声優グランプリ」) magazine, part text and part illustrations. Chihara Minori (Yuki) is also featured in the most recent issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix. Gotou-san says that Minori's pyjamas there are very moe....

The seiyuus in this show are really the intellectual cream of the crop. Minori's diary has been published in book form. And Hirano Aya (Haruhi) is not only a university student, but also a classically-trained singer (she sang Ave Maria in Canvas2). And she's only 18.
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