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Originally Posted by Freak Of Nature
Now I have to ask: if things "start over", that means that the events of eps. 1-4 are a series of events that didn't happen, right? Just one possibility in the continuum of events that could result from the same circumstances -- as if we're playing through the various story tracks of the game, looking for the one thread that will lead to a non-catastrophic outcome?

Is that it? Or are those different storylines somehow all true at once?
I can't explain very well without spoiling things, but for all intents and purposes, you should consider Onikakushi as a "scenario": a single possible ending in an unknown number of endings. For example, as most of you can probably tell, Onikakushi is obviously a "failed scenario" ("bad end", for all you visual novel players ).

The challenges for the viewers is to:

#1 Find out what went wrong and when things went wrong. Ask questions like: "where did things go wrong?" and "what went wrong in THIS scenario but was ok in THAT scenario?" (for example, maybe something happened in Onikakushi, which didn't in Watanagashi, and resulted in a bad development) Since we're still quite early in the game (the 2nd "chapter" hasn't even begun yet), there's no way to compare, but keep it in your mind.

#2 Learn more about the main characters. In each scenario, we will find out a little more about our main characters and the setting, and you will find clues from one chapter that'll explain something from another. (For example, by looking at the Watanagashi-hen preview screenshots, some of you suggested that since Mion appears to be working as a waitress at Angel Mort, that's how she learned about the meeting between Oishi and Keiichi during Onikakushi)

Here's an important TIP from Rena at the end of the Watanagashi-hen in the game:"ALL the characters from ALL the scenarios are the SAME people. Just because a character's (say, Rena) behaviours were totally different in two different "chapters" DOES NOT mean that he/she is a different person in those two scenarios." If the character appears to be different (for example, evil in one chapter but normal in another), then you can assume that the cause for the difference is EXTERNAL.

Eventually, after seeing enough scenarios, you might learn enough about a character's personality/position that'll help you determine whether that character's certain action in another scenario was plausible or not (Example: "since Mion was like this in (chapter name), it would make sense that she was ______ in (different chapter name)").

#3 Make determinations based on what you believe to be solid facts. This has been mentioned over and over again before, but don't believe everything you see or hear. Only accept information that you consider to be trustworthy. And you will have to base your "trustworthy" scale on what I mentioned in #2 above.

For example, a lot of you has already mentioned the possibility that many of the "information" from Onikakushi-hen were simply Keiichi's own delusions. Is there anything else? What about the things that Rena and Mion said? What about Oishi? Are they trustworthy? You'll find out more about them in subsequent chapters that'll help you make that decision.

I think I already said too much, most of these advices would probably work better until after at least two different scenarios have been aired (Onikakushi + Watanagashi).

Originally Posted by Freak Of Nature
One thing that really struck me...

I don't know what the truth is about Rena. There's no way of knowing for sure, I think, at this point in the series. But I do know this:


This anime is rapidly growing on me.
All I can say is: just you wait until Tsumihoroboshi.
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