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Originally Posted by SpaceDrake
Question number two, yarr.

Are there any known English translations of the Higurashi game floating around out there? Fan translations, official ones, etc?
I wouldn't know, and most likely not. Hey, there was practically no interest in this game in the English speaking world. Perhaps Chinese ones exist. I wouldn't know. My best bet is to buy the game at cdjapan or what not, and do your best with a Japanese dictionary at hand.

Originally Posted by Guido
Given the tremendous and uproar success Higurashi no Naku Koroni, the game, among the fan players in Japan has amassed, do the game's creator, Ryukishi07, would encourage themselves to come up with a sequel to the game in an unknown future?

I'm neither implying nor assuming that scenario could bound to happen.

I already read thoroughly the Wikipedia article.

Also, I know that there's still one more game scenario to be released in Japan by August, and that the game will be ported to the PS2 consumer port.

My aforementioned question was just a hypothetically one.
Nothing has been mentioned.
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