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Are uniforms a free choice in our school? (Ep. 01)

It's only June, and yet it's so... hot.
The cicadas are crying noisily outside, and the mosquitos add to that during the night.... I guess this is completely Summer now.

.... At least it's cool in the morning, thank god.

Satoko: "It sure is hot, isn't it!?"
Satoko is flapping her skirt sluggishly.

... That's unladylike, oi.
... Even though she's only a brat, she's still a girl after all.

Satoko: "Keiichi seems to be so cool with only one shirt on.... How envious."
Keiichi: "From where I'm standing, the skirt-wearing Satoko looks much cooler to me. There's no way a girl like you will ever understand just how much your thighs steam up inside your pants in a season like this!"
Rena: "......I, ...It steams........., Hau......"

This girl is going off with her indecent imaginations again.

Keiichi: "Rena's summer uniform sure has a nice cool looking tint to it. Just looking at it makes me feel cool too."
Rena: "Ahahahaha. Thanks! It's actually really cool."
Satoko: "I wish I had a cool summer uniform like Rena-san's."
Rena: "But Satoko-chan's summer uniform is a super cute one-piece too! Rena wants to try on Satoko-chan's summer uniform sometime---☆"
Satoko: "This is quite stuffy, you know? Rena-san's uniform is definitely cooler."
Rena: "But kaaii clothings are definitely more fun to wear...... Hau!"
......It feels like Rena and Satoko have totally a different set of values.

Keiichi: "Speaking of which..., there are no set uniforms for this school or anything, is there?"
Rena: "Thats right. There isn't. As long as it's a proper outfit, you can even wear casual clothings too."
There are certainly a lot of students wearing casual clothings. There are students who wear uniforms too, but the designs are all the same, plain ones.

Keiichi: "What's with those uniforms that the others are wearing? Everyone's wearing the same thing."
Satoko: "That's the uniform for the town's school. It's not a requirement or anything but everyone wears them anyway."
Keiichi: "In comparison, everyone in our group wears different kinds of uniforms... Did you get them from somewhere on purpose?"
Satoko: "Yes. Mion-san obtained them for us."
Rena: "One of Miichan's relatives is in the secondhand clothing business, who has uniforms for all the schools in the country stocked up for a cheap price. That's what she said."
Keiichi: "So, basically, she went and asked that relative to order various personalized uniforms for you guys, right?"
... That Mion, she must be enjoying turning her friends into dress-up dolls, for sure.

......... But what a weird secondhand clothing store.
I can understand having all sort of secondhand clothings, but having uniforms for all the schools in the country in stock?
... I don't really get this secondhand clothing store.
It isn't it worthless to have uniforms for some school far away that nobody even knows about??

Rena: "...Yeah. Rena thinks so too. Besides that, they also have old gym clothings and school swimsuits. Secondhands like those are kinda yucky though."
Keiichi: "It sure doesn't look like a business that's going to make a lot of money, ......I bet Mion was trying to help the business make as much money as possible by pitching in herself."
Satoko: "......But, Mion-san always says this full of confidence, you know? She said "It'll definitely get a huge break in the future and become an incredible business!!"."

...... A secondhand school uniform shop getting a big break?

... I don't get it.

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