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The Hacking Murder at the Dam Construction Site (Ep. 01)

June XX, 1979 - Evening edition newspaper

Late evening on XX, the Shishibone City Okinomiya Police Division arrested the contruction workers XXXX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, and XXXX for corpse abandonment, and issued a nationwide manhunt for the arrest of the prime suspect XXXX.

According to the investigation, the six are suspected in the lynching and murder of the chief construction manager XXXX, which occurred on XX at around 9PM. The corpse was then mutilated for abandonment.

At XX 8AM, the police received a call from a hospital in Shishibone City about a man claiming to have killed XXXX the night before. As the police arrived and inquired about the claim, the man admitted to the crime.

When the body part was found at the area where the man claimed to have hid one of the body parts, he was placed into custody that afternoon on the charges of murder and corpse abandonment.

The other accomplices were subsequently arrested, but the prime suspect XXXX is still on the run. The police is still investigating about his whereabouts.

Although the arrested members state that the motive was "we lost our temper when he started to question about our drunkedness," there are many gaps and inconsistencies between each of the suspects. Further investigation will be necessary.

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