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Otaku Expo 2015 (day 2)

First of all, sorry for this super delayed writeup. A lot of things happened since January. Anyway, this is the first anime convention that our group attended for the year 2015. This event was held last January 24-25, at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls. We attended the second day.

Without any further delay here are the pics:

Asuna Yuuki cosplay by MJ, Stocking Anarchy cosplay by Mich, and a Miku Izayoi cosplay by Karen. They are my companions in going to this con. Karen got hungry so we passed the cake shop while walking to the convention area. xD

. . .

We now go up the escalator to the 5th floor, where the megatrade halls are located.

Time: approximately 11:30 a.m
Place: hallway of 5th floor

First thing we did is buy tickets.

Place: inside the megatrade hall

Mich and MJ wants to join the cosplay event on stage, so we went to Mindy, the man in charge of the stage audio. We gave him a usb with "Fallen Angel" and "crossing field". He's a friendly person.

Let's take a short look at some of the shops.

Kurumi wall scroll. Did not have enough money to buy it. ;__;

Onodera mug. She is the next cosplan of someone in our group. ^^

Place: hallway of 5th floor

There are more cosplayers outside than inside, so we went out for awhile.

Mary Joy cosplaying as Misuzu Kusakabe. And a Taiga Aisaka cosplay by Angela - hmm, this looks like the costume for the angel version - the only thing missing are the wings.

Maki Nishikino cosplay by Yukiko Deisori

. .

Shirou cosplay by Aira. No Game No Life is still famous over here.

Oops, received a text from Nats.. she is one of the persons that we are supposed to meet today. She has the Miku Hatsune headphones that we ordered. Met her in front of a megatrade hall. Succesfully received the item from her. ^^

Time: approximately 2:30 pm
Place: inside the megatrade hall being used for photoshoots

This megatrade hall does not contain any shops. The whole area is being used by cosplayers to do photoshoots and simply to relax.

Chitoge from Nisekoi. Cosplay by Beri.

There is also a Marika (from Nisekoi) cosplayer who is nearby, but I got distracted because I thought one of our bags went missing. Wasn't able to take a pic of the Marika. Gomen. ><

Went out again.

Place: Hallway of 5th floor

Hosyu Akihiko cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Bokura wa ima no Naka de version). She is a very tall girl. And nice cosplay too. :3


Taiga cosplay (final episode version) by Isabel.


We meet another Date A Live cosplayer at last. Pat Flores cosplaying as Kurumi. Hmm, it feels like I've seen her at a previous convention. Just can't remember exactly where.

Rested for a while at the sides. Met a friend while we were resting. It's our friend Claire. She's also a Kotori Minami cosplayer (Wonderful Rush version). But she's not wearing her costume today. She went to the con because someone rented her boots.

Time: a little past 3 pm in the afternoon
Place: inside the megatrade hall

Claire went with us for awhile. We found some nice Love Live pillows inside. Kotori is really a famous character. ><


Cute Pusheen pillows. ^^

Met another friend inside. Olive Uy is our friendly and reliable costume maker. The dress of the Miku Izayoi costume that we have right now, and the Chobits costume that I posted on a previous writeup are both created by her.


Starting to get hungry, we've been walking almost non stop for more than 2 hrs already. Time for a little food and drink.

Place: food court of SM Megamall

We bought some burgers to get some strength back. Hmm, and Claire is testing the Miku Hatsune headphones that we got from Nats. It fits perfectly. :3

At this time of the day. Karen's foot is already painful, because of the high heels. We decide to go up and rest inside the megatrade hall that is being used for photoshoots.

Place: hallway of 5th floor

???? cosplay by Teresa Mae. Sorry, I didn't realize that she wrote on my mini notebook... only her name and nickname. Forgot to ask what character she's cosplaying as. Looks like a character from Death Note.

Place: megatrade hall
Time: almost 4:30 in the afternoon

Reached the megatrade hall at last. Here we are an entire group again. I informed MJ and Mich that it might be time to line up for the individual cosplay competition - they went to the line up area. Karen still has a hard time walking, so we rested here for awhile.

Saw another friend while resting.

Kristine Tuting cosplaying as Tsumiki Minwha from Acchi Kocchi, she's a friend that I haven't met for a long time. Glad to see her here.

. . . . . .

Kristine is member of the Thomasian Nihon Kyokai Organization. She's an organizer in the group.
Their fb page:

They would be having a japanese fashion show. TNK JFashion 5 Shiki: Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu at April 11, 5 pm onwards. For those from the Philippines reading this - you might want to attend. It would be fun. ",)

Ririchiyo Shirakiin demon form. Cosplay by Chiyo Aname

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Tiffany Allison - we tried to be look for someone who would lend a blood sword props, but can't find anyone. Anyway. the cosplay is still good even without the sword. :3

. . .

Madoka Kaname cosplay by Shaila Albis

. .

Finn from Adventure Time. Cosplay by Alvin - he's the borther of Shaila.


Time: approximately 5:30
Place: hallway of 5th floor

Sadly.. I miscalculated the time, ended up not being able to watch MJ and Mich walk on the stage. Uwah... not able to take a video of them. ;______;

Johna Mae cosplaying as human mono bear

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Seven Towes

Ok, saw one more friend. This time it's Chiisai, our loli cosplayer friend - just kidding ok. ^^

Nico Yazawa cosplay (Mogyutto version) by Haruhi Chiisai

. . . .

And last pic for the day is Donna Mae. She's cosplaying as Monomi from Dangan Ronpa. Thank you for the belated Christmas gift Donna-chan. ^^

Time: almost 7 pm in the evening

It has been an enjoyable day, and it is now time to go home. Not sure, but might come back next year for Otaku Expo 2016. ",)

__________________________________________________ ___

More pics.

Disclaimer: these photos were not shot by me, they are contributed by friends who also attended the anime convention. Credits goes to their respective photographers.

Haruhi cosplay by Irish Paladin.


Death Gun cosplay by Shocross Michael Mendoza. Our very reliable props maker. Stocking Anarchy sword used by Mich was crafted by him.

Asuna cosplay by MJ. These are pics while she's on stage. Was not able to video it because I forgot the time. Gomen Mj-cat. ><

. .

Alice cosplay by Christine Joy Mckeehan

. .

Noragami group cosplay by Jin Desalisa (Yukine cosplayer) and her friends.


Oh, and for some news from the cosplay community in the Philippines. Saw this news almost right after the convention was over... it's from Deremoe:
__________________________________________________ _______

Pics taken after getting home:

Would like to thank Hime-chan for this AKB48 item. Hmm, looks liek a goodluck charm. For some reason I have no pics of her ><, but I did include here the link to her Worldcosplay (inside the spoiler). They recently did an AKB0048 photoshoot. ^^

Love Live mini bag from Donna-chan.

And a Love Live group pic. I bought it from one of the stores.


Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. ",)

Next convention that we would attend is the 8th PCC on April 12.

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