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What's with the name 'Rena'? (Ep. 02)

Rika: "......Rena is not here. Didn't Keiichi know?"
Keiichi: "Eh? She was here just now though... Oi Mion. Where did Rena go?"
Mion: "Rena? Toilet maybe? She said that her plumbings aren't passing through very well recently."

I didn't ask you anything about that!

Rika: "...... Satoko. Do you know where Rena went?"
Satoko: "Rena is it? I have passed by her down the hallway just now. Since Rena is on day duty today, she has to water the flowers in the garden."
Mion: "Ah-- Rena's on day duty, huh? Well then, we should all thank her for her hard work."

... Rena Rena Rena.
... With Rena's name thrown all over the place, a question popped into my mind.

It's a little rude to say this about another person's name, but...... it sure is a weird name. Sounds like a foreigner's name.

Keiichi: "What's with the name 'Rena', I wonder? ... How do you write Rena in kanji?"
Rika: "......Rena is just a nickname. She has a proper given name."
Keiichi: "Eh, really?! I thought that Ryuugu Rena was her real name for sure."
Satoko: "Well, I don't blame you. Since we've only been calling her Rena, it's not unreasonable for you to make that mistake."

On top of that, even her name on the brush writing exercises is written as "Rena" (レナ). It's as good as her real name here at school.

Keiichi: "I wonder what's her real name? ... Maybe I'll ask Rena when she comes back!"
Satoko and Rika-chan turns and looks at each other.

Rika: "......You don't have to ask her. We will tell you."
Satoko: "Rei(礼) as in orei(お礼, gratitude), Na(奈) as in Nara(奈良). Ryuugu Reina (竜宮礼奈) is her real name!"
Keiichi: "Reina, huh? .........Hmm. So it's not read as 'Reina' but 'Rena', huh? What an interesting pronounciation."
Rika: "......No, that's not right. Reina is the proper pronounciation."
Satoko: "Rena said "call me Rena". So that's why we call her Rena."

Mion: "Keichan... Rena is Rena, okay? Only strangers call her Reina. You get what I mean there, right?"
I know what Mion is trying to say.
No matter what our real names are, the names that we use between ourselves are what really matters!

Ryuugu Rena is Rena. She's nobody else.

Keiichi: "I'm just thinking about this, but if I applied for it, can I be called by a nickname starting today as well?"
Mion: "If it's interesting. What do you want to be called by?"

Keiichi: "Echigoya."

And then, Rena returned to the classroom.
At the entrance, a junior student is telling Rena that someone's looking for her.

Rena: "Eh eh? Who's looking for Rena, I wonder? I wonder?"
Mion and I snickered while looking at her.

Keiichi: "Governer, that Ryuugu has shown herself!!"
Mion: "Echigoya, you're pretty bad too...Fuo-fuo-fuo!!!" (note 1)
Rena: "Wha-wha, what's this what's this?! Keiichi-kun and Miichan is the bad governer? You're Echigoya?!"

Keiichi: "You Ryuugu Rena-nosuke! You will meet your doom here. Prepare yourself~!!"
Rena: "Wa! Wa! Suke-san, Kado-san, chastise the---m!!"
Satoko: "Sir yes sir--!!!"
Rika: "......Deposit our compensations into my Swiss bank account."

It can't be helped now that it's become like this! All that's left is a 5-men jumbled battle royal...!!!

With the precise timing of a stamp box, Rena's sure-kill punch explodes.

In the end, what's left is the ruined evil that is me and Mion...

Keiichi: "...Rena should really go on a trip to reform the world... How about to Nagatachou?" (Note 2)
Mion: "......That's no good. She's going to be jacking all the kaaii (cute) things at her destination."

The ringing bell signals the end of recess.

Rena: "Come on come on, Keiichi-kun, and Miichan too. Sensei's coming!"
I stood up with the help of Rena.
At the same time, Sensei entered the classroom.

......1 more hour, huh. Dear dear....... I guess I'll hold my grounds through this one more time!

Note 1: they pretending to be characters from a Japanese historical show
Note 2: Nagatachou is where the Japanese parliament is located, it has been used as a slang word for "politics".

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