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Notification from chief of department (Ep. 03)

July 1st, 1982
Memorandum I 1 - 12
XX Prefecture Police Headquarters
Chief of Department XXX
to all chiefs of police and facility managers

Regarding the Hinamizawa incidents (notification)

The incidents in Hinamizawa village of Shishibone city from the recent years, just like some media sources have already reported, is drawing curious looks from the rest of the public, and is beginning to cause serious interferences to the peaceful lives of the local residents, creating a situation that demands concern.

In order to protect the lifestyle and properties of the local residents, it is notified that the below be enforced.

1) Designated investigations to be kept secret

Okinomiya Station 1982 No.X
Hinamizawa housewife murder incident (occured on June XX)

Okinomiya Station 1982 No.X
Hinamizawa missing student incident (occured on June XX)

2) Information not to be disclosed

Onikomiya Station 1979 No.X
Hinamizawa construction manager murder incident (occured on June XX)

Shirakawa Station 1980 No.X
Shirakawa nature park falling incident (occured on June XX)

Okinomiya Station 1981 No.X
Hinamizawa priest couple missing incident (occured on June XX)

3) Request for nondisclosure from all involved organizations
Refer to attached files 1, 2, and 3

Manager XX Prefecture Police Headquarters
Extension XXXX
Department of Police Affairs XX・XX

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