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Who are Mion's uncles and what do they do? (Ep. 05)

Mion: "Sorry you guys. I have to go help out at my uncle's shop today."
Kei: "What? So no club activity today?"
Mion: "Yeah. Ahahaha. I'll make it up next time...!"

Mion clasps her hands as a sign of apology while snickering at the same time.

Mion: "Well you can feel free to do it without me? There's a bunch of games in that locker. Pick out anyone you like."

The locker she pointed to is that locker filled with games. It is a mystery how that small locker can fit that bunch of games. Perhaps it's connected to a fourth-dimensional world or something...? Not only that, but that locker seems to have whole sorts of junk (costumes?)...! If we were to clean out that locker, I think this whole classroom floor will become filled with junk.

Kei: "...I'll pass. If I open that locker up, I think it's gonna cause an avalanche."
Mion: "Ahahaha! On second thought you're right! That's not something for beginners. Kukuku!"

Mion started laughing as if that can be only be done by the leader of the group.

Rika: "Mii. The teacher is looking for the key to the PE storage room. Do you know where it is?"
Mion: "Huh? Didn't I return that to the faculty office?"

Mion started to check her pockets. ...judging from her facial expression, I think that's where the keys are even though she thought that she returned it.

Satoko: "See. I did believe that it was Mion-san! I absolutely, absolutely suspected her!"
Mion: "...Me too. I am correct as with Satoko."

Satoko and Rika clap their hands together in joy.

Mion: "Shush you!"

Gasun! Gosun!

Mion hits Satoko and Rika-chan's head lightly and started going to the faculty office.

Kei: "Oh. Did you guys hear? Mion has to go to her job so there's no club activity today."
Satoko: "Is that so?! I do believe that's pretty boring."
Rika: "....mii."

They both look unexcited now. ...As much as I hate to admit it, but the number one reason for coming to school is to enjoy the afternoon club activity with Mion. Since that enjoyment has been cancelled, I wouldn't be surprised if they look down.

Kei: "Mion's got a job right? ...What kind of job does she have?"

Whenever Mion decided to cancel the activity, it's usually because of her job. However, I don't see her go that frequently. There are times she would go two~three days in a row, then there are times she never does. What kind of job has a flexible working day like that?

Rika: "...she doesn't have a specific place to work."
Kei: "Hm? So that means it's more like a temporary day-job kinda thing?"

I can't imagine Mion wearing a construction helmet, sweating and toiling at a construction site.

Satoko: "Mion's more like a on-call helper whenever her uncles' shops needs a helping hand."
Kei: "Oh, I see. Come to think of it, most of her jobs were about going to her uncle's place."
Rika: "She has a bunch of uncles who own businesses, so Mii's always an asset to them."

A bunch of uncles that are shopowners? There's many of them?

Satoko: "Oh, Keiichi-san. You haven't realized it yet? Mion's relatives own many and many stores in and around Okinomiya."
Kei: "Oh really? I didn't realize that. ...So does that mean they own a wide variety of stores?"
Satoko: "Yes. There's the bakery, the Ramen restaurant. There's a lot more. That toy store that we went to the other day. That too."

That's...quite a surprise there. Wow...!

Kei: "...Wow. Mion's family must have an excellent merchant blood in them or something! To have and own so many types of stores is quite amazing!"
Rika: "There's also the loan shark, the jiageya (a type of yakuza that forces people off their property for cheap price in order to sell the property more expensively), the image club, soaplands. They've stretched their hands into a lot of business."

Uh, I think I heard something that I shouldn't have, but anyway...! I understand that her family owns a bunch of businesses in the area.

Kei: "So that's the reason why when I borrow money from her, she's quite erratic in getting it back. It's because she has the blood of loan sharks in her too! Now I get it!"
Rika: "There was one time where I forgot that I borrowed some money to buy some groceries, and she came over to have it paid back or 'I'll dunk you in the bath.' (dunk you into a bath is another way of saying I'll sell you off to a brothel)"

...Rika-chan being sent off to a specialized brothel for borrowing money... Oh shit...I think I'm starting to nosebleed~

Satoko: "I do believe that's a stupid way to die. Being drowned in a bathtub? Hahaha"

...huh? I don't think Satoko realizes the real meaning of what Rika-chan just said. How naive. Both me and Rika-chan starts patting her head.

Satoko: "...?! ...wha, why are you two patting me?! ...?!"
Rika: "Satoko, you're such a nice person. Pat Pat."

Satoko still couldn't figure it out, but I think she realized that she was being pitied.

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