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Originally Posted by SvenTheSweeper
Spoiler for A tongue-in-cheek, question based on the above spoiler tab:
You have no idea. Keiichi's not only the "Magician of Words", his alternate identity, K, raises his moe knowledge skills to a godly level, allowing the use of his KOOL marble reality: bombarding his opponent with speeches about the Art of Moe at machine-gun speed until the said opponent breaks down into a sobbing mess from K's MANLINESS. K's not alone in his endeavors either, his "soul brothers", Cloud, Iri, and Tommy are all true MEN constantly striving for their ideals in the world of moe! (Who are they? Just like how "K" came from Keiichi, you should realize who these men are if you looked in Higurashi's character list).

No, I'm not making this up. Here's an example of Keiichi's reality marble:

If you're lucky, you'll get your first glimpse of "K" in Tatarigoroshi. ^^;

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