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Originally Posted by Kiva128
This is getting ridiculous.
I could not agree more!

I'm very sorry, to everyone who entered the contest, for the shocking length of time it has taken us to get to where we are now. In truth, as I said to the staff on Saturday, it has taken almost half a year -- that is unacceptably long and totally unfair to you guys, who contributed so much time and effort.

From forum problems to our personal lives there are many reasons behind why the process became so protracted, but I'm not going to waste time explaining them or using them as an excuse as that is pointless -- we could have been more organized... we should have been more organized.

It's insulting that it took this long and for that I can only apologise.

Now, to get to the point...

::clears throat:: -- I'm not very good at public speaking so bear with me...

We, the Staff at AnimeSuki, would like you all to warmly welcome the newest member of our team... She is a kind, gentle and beautiful elf girl... who goes by the name...
Please support her!! from today she will be the one and only mascot for AnimeSuki!

This cute, kind-and-gentle elf-girl is the creation of... none other than... Kiva128(!) ~ ~ I'm sure the irony of Kiva128 finally snapping (and posting how I'm sure a lot of you were feeling, being upset and all) only hours after we finally made the choice isn't lost on many of you... (Really I'm very sorry we put you through the wait....)

So many congratulations (and thanks) to him for that! To demonstrate our appreciation for the effort he put in (and for allowing us to stretch his patience to breaking point) he will receive our first prize of $150.

Ok, so now that is done... there are two others I need to mention. It wouldn't have taken us so long if the entries had not been so close and so very hard to choose from. Eight entries made this final choice so vary hard, they were submitted by (in the order they were submitted): anime-otaku, Sunbane, Dreamy Kid, runpsicat, pkumo, Koekepan, Loz and Paladinknight. Many thanks to you for some very interesting entries. While we loved all eight, two did a particularly good job of making it hard to not to announce Kairin sooner. These were first Sayuri the kitsune, Cosine, Sine & Ne the Daruma and an unnamed fox and second Yuyu (err, the human) and Kuro the cat. They were submitted by Paladinknight and Loz. In recognition of the hard time they gave us, they are awarded the second and third prizes respectively (both getting $75).

Finally I just need to say a last thank you to everyone who contributed. You've been more than patient with us. The entries were absolutely fantastic, heartfelt contributions to the site for which we are, and will always be, very grateful. Thank you.

Anyway, enough of me... please welcome Kairin and congratulate Kiva128!

P.S. We'll be looking for banners, site layouts, t-shirt, fan-art and other Kairin related ideas and creations from members soon (and I really hope we can get our act together such that when I say soon I actually mean soon). So please don't hesitate to post any you have here or in the fan creation forum

P.P.S Though I will get around to PMing you myself, please can the three winners PM me about how they want to receive their respective awards -- I often need a swift kick up the backside to remind me to do things ^_^;;
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