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8th Philippine Cosplay Convention

Well, one year has already passed - it's time for PCC once again. The 8th PCC is an anime convention held last April 12, at Robinsons Place Manila. The event is only for one day. This event is a little sad, because the organizers were not allowed by the mall to have booths, so there isn't really much to show. However, the organizers did setup a stage for a cosplay competition, and they also setup some mannequins dressed in beautiful costumes - so the people who came still felt that they went to an anime convention. And lastly, admission is FREE. ^^

Without any further delay, here are the pics:

We arrived at the place at approximately 1 in the afternoon. Went right away to the convention area.

First pic is from Vaynard, she is wearing a lolita style costume.


Next pic is from Mich, cosplaying as Aria Kanzaki. She's one of my friends who came who is with us at the car. :3

Everything went ok, except one of the guards put orange tape on our props. Our props got damaged. I will show it at the last part of this writeup.

Junko Enoshima cosplay by Chel

Kae Ong cosplaying as Alice. She's a cosplayer that I've seen on previous conventions at this mall.

Alice cosplay by Rii. Hmm, many Alice cosplayers walking around. It's a chibi version this time.

Time: approximately 2:30 in the afternoon

We walked close to the stage. Many cosplayers are lined up here for the competition. I asked Mich if she wanted to join, but she's not in the mood. desu .. @_@

Mini Force cosplayer. It's a good cosplay, and I asked him his name. But there was a mis-communication, because what he wrote is the name of his character Sammy. I don't know his real name at all. sorry.

And a surprise, found a friend that I haven't seen for almost 2 years. Glad to see Nicole, she's cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata. ^-^

Told us that her parents are a bit strict, so she's allowed to cosplay only a few times a year.


Walked away from the stage to have pics with other cosplayers. Our time in this convention is short. So try to find as many as we can. ^^

Patricia cosplaying as Ririchiyo (youkai form)

Doll Tsukino as Irine from Dragon Nest

Tricia Annealis cosplaying as Nyaruko. This made me smile, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a funny anime. ^^

Walking around a bit more, we saw Rhea cosplaying as Mio from K-On. And the Hatsune Miku cosplayer (Project Diva version) is Karen, she's one of my friends who came with us to this convention. :3

Jessica cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama. She's a companion of the Mio cosplayer. I guess Kyoukai no Kanata is really famous here, there are plenty of Mirai present in this convention.

We found a place selling chocolates. xD

Time: it is now past 3 pm in the afternoon, almost time to go home
Place: Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Atrium

Walking a bit more, we find another person that we know. Akio Silvert cosplaying as Rin Kagamine (nurse version). I think it's a cute cosplay. Last time we saw her at another convention, she was cosplaying as Rikka. :3

. .

Nanami Haruka from Uta No Prince Sama. Cosplay by Niwa


Kimberly Anne cosplaying as Chitoge from Nisekoi


Kojiharu from AKB0048, cosplay by Wendy.

Azeleia cosplaying as female Jack Frost.

. .

Time: Approximately 4 pm in the afternoon

Almost time to go home, we passed near the stage one last time. And unexpectedly, we saw a group of 4 cosplayers who are selling home made chocolates. I'm serious, they have real choco for sale - which look good.

Czrinah Anne as Nico Yazawa, Yumi Lyra as Kotori Minami, Melody cosplaying as a character from Million ... (sorry, the notes on my mini notebook are not clear), and Jessica as a character from Army of Grand Chase

. .

This is the choco that they are selling. I bought one.. but Karen ate it all before I could taste a small piece. ;_;


And saw one more friend before going home.

Blessie cosplaying as someone from Team Aqua (Pokemon).

Meetup with our other companions

Asuna cosplay by Jhen, and a Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Mae.

One more shot before leaving.

Mario cosplay by Melliza, and a Luigi cosplay by Chelsea. Looks like they are also about to go home as well, since they've already changed partially to civilian clothes. Nice to see some more smiles before going home. ",)

Goodbye 8th PCC. Hope to be back next year. This is the simplest convention that I've attended, but still fun because I went with my friends and the people we met are nice.

Pics taken at home:

Marie Joy Cinco cosplaying as Kotori Minami (mogyutto version) from Love Live. She's also one of our companions during the trip to the convention.

Our props damaged by the mall guard. He insisted on placing orange tape on the Aria Kanzaki guns of my friend, or we cannot use our props. You can see the mark the tape left on gun handle.


Pics from a friend.

These are from Rio Anne. She's friend who also attended 8th PCC, but we were not able to meet her there.

DISCLAIMER: these pics were not shot by me. Credits goes to Rio Anne's photographer.

Ao Haru Ride Group cosplay: Rio Anne - Yuri, Futaba - Christine Pun
Murao - Jen Agira, Kou - Rio told me that she does not know the real name of their Kou.

. . .

My next writeup might be about Toycon 2015 this coming Sunday (June 21). Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. ",)

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