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<About Oyashiro-sama's curse.>

What the Onigafuchi village feared the most was Oyashiro-sama's curse.
There's very little left that describes what kind of punishment Oyashiro-sama eventually dealt.

Among the various legends about the village, several disturbing ones that looked like the village was completely destroyed stood out, as "He'll open the gates to hell", "Demons will flow out", "The infernal miasma will come out and kill all of the people in the village without leaving them a chance to escape."
It's easy to think that this dreadful divine punishment, matching other religions descriptions of hell, was but a way to coerce people into obeying the doctrine by making them believe they would avoid this fate if they did.

Provoking Oyashiro-sama's wrath is tantamount to breaking one of Onigafuchi's taboos.
Once one was broken, Oyashiro-sama was said to be "angered", and to calm down his anger, a Sacrifice Ritual was carried out, as described below.

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