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Scrapbook VII (Ep. 06)

<The gosanke>

The gosanke signifies the three most powerful families that controlled matters in Onigafuchi village.

These three are the Kimiyoshi Family, the Furude Family, and the Sonozaki Family. All three exist to this present day. (Even though they do not wield that much power as historically written, they still weigh tremendous influence within the region to this day). The gosanke are said to have inherited the highest concentration of the demons' blood in their bloodline.

<The Kimiyoshi Family>
Formerly, the Kimiyoshi Family was the strongest and held the leadership position within the gosanke. However, it seems that they have lost influence in the present time.

The current village chief (Kimiyoshi Kiichirou) is a member of this family. It is believed that this is the reason why the Kimiyoshi family always held the position of the village chief before the idea of elections were introduced. Of course, since there are no other candidates, there hasn't been any change for the Kimiyoshi family being the head of the village even in our post-war era.

<The Furude Family>
They have been the center of faith, and they are responsible for the preservation of the shrine to respect the Oyashiro-sama. They have been revered as the spokesperson for the voice of Oyashiro-sama. However many of their branches had died off during the war, and only the main branch of their household exist today. Furthermore, the only living person of this family is a single female child (Furude Rika), and it is in danger of going into extinction.

There seems to be custom of especially revering the female member of the Furude line, so many of the elderly villagers take a huge reverance to Rika.

<The Sonozaki Family>
They are believed to be the enforcers of the practice and customs for Onigafuchi village. They were among the weakest of the gosanke, and were always the last to be addressed. However, it is interesting to note that this power balance has shifted in the present times as they wield the largest influence within all of the gosanke. It is safe to say that they now control all the matters and decisions of Hinamizawa.

The three gosanke must agree upon a matter to take action, but this is just in practice only. In reality, all the decisions are handled by the current head of the family, Sonozaki Oryou.

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