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Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto
Got a question on my own as well.. how to open mp4 format with virtual dub >_<
Lol, seen the question just now.
First you need FFDShow installed. But I guess you have it already.

Then Avysinth is what you need. Download the program (just google it) and install it.
Go check the samples you find along with the program. Then create a new .avs file (basically AviSyint Filter, you can order to the comp to open it with notepad).
You will need to write a line of text in it now.

Let's suppose you have file "KiNaep1.mp4", which is located in the folder C:\Anime

So in your empty file type now this:


exactly as it is.

Then save the file, and give it a name which will make you able to locate it easily. (ie: Kina ep.1). The extension is .avs

At this rate, you should need Virtual Dub Mod. (even though I still use Virtual Dub, both for mp4 than for mkv and it works plain nicely, that'd be enough). Drag the avs file onto the virtual dub icon. Or otherwise open VD and drag the icon there.

And your mp4 file should open now.

Hope I have been clear enough, I'm not that good in explaining when at 7 am
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