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Scrapbook XI (Ep. 08)

<The disparagement of twins>

While it is not that unheard of elsewhere, the gosanke of Onigafuchi village had a huge discontempt for twins being born as a potential heir. It is believed that this was because they wished to avoid a possible civil strife between the three houses that balanced the power in controlling the matters.

A historical document noted that should twins be born, they should both be killed immediately. Should this be true, it is interesting to see the heiress Sonozaki Mion and her twin sister Shion well and alive today. (Perhaps the current head Oryou felt sorry for them?)

However, the twins are not treated equally. The heiress Mion leads a different way of life compared to her twin sister. (While Mion and Shion look very similar, it is said that the majority of the talent and abilities were given to Mion. ...However, it is hard for me to agree from my own perspective of those two).

As tradition, the heir/heiress to the Sonozaki family is given a elaborate tattoo of a demon on his/her back as a symbol of "inheriting the demon." Should this tradition be practiced, then it is highly possible that Mion has a large tattoo on her back.

I've heard that the current head Oryou has a very detailed demon's tattoo on her back. Then, I wonder what kind of demon is imprinted onto Mion's back? ...I'm now interested in getting a glimpse of Mion's back.

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