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I strayed away from my belief this one time to see how the "fansub" translations were done for Ep. 7 made by some group named Wind. It took my a while to figure out this whole bittorrent thing, but it was pretty simple.

Anyhow, I was quite surprised at how well the translations were done...except for one part:

x 血がない (chiganai - "no blood")
o 違いない (chigai nai - "yes, that has to be it")

That loop of "no blood" is incorrect. Mion was repeatedly murmuring 違いない (yes, that has to be it) as she was shaking the ladder. I wouldn't blame it though as it is difficult for a non-native to distinguish "chiganai" and "chigai nai." But, repeatedly saying "no blood" makes no sense in that sentence.

So the whole scene with Mion's over-skewed face in the ladder scene was:

Mion: "Rika's disappearance is all Satoko's fault. Yes, that has to be it. That has to be it. That has to be it. That has to be it. That has to be it......"

Now, that makes a lot more sense in context, and that sentence there itself provides some kind of hint now. Feel free to take this correction into mind and utilize it toward your thoughts about what the heck was going on at that ladder scene (minus the weird facial-and-out-of-sync of Mion, of course).

Oh, and the director's name isn't:

x Ima Chiaki
o Kon Chiaki

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