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Best of Anime 2015 (day 2)

Well, it's the time of the year once again. Best of Anime is a large anime convention held each year at SMX. Have always been waiting for this convention, it's my favorite among the others. The place of the event is large, the staff is good at crowd control, and plenty of good things happen here - in my experience at least.

Without any further delay, here are the pics.

This pic is taken before we left the house. Came to the event with my friends Mich (Alice in Wonderland cosplay), MJ (Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa), and Jen (Mirai Kuriyama).

We arrived at SMX Convention Center in the afternoon

Time: approximately 1 pm
Place: SMX Convention Center second floor

Hoping to see Starmarie performance, I went up to the second floor alone and in a hurry. Will just meet up with the others later in the afternoon.

Of course, you need a ticket to get in. xD

Place: inside the function room

First cosplay that I saw inside is a Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplay by Jhezie. Well, this is a good start. Let's move on.

Next cosplayer that I saw is our good friend Arielle-chan. Just arrived and saw a friend already, it's a small world indeed. Cosplaying as Meirin from Kuroshitsuji. She has the "number 10" on her costume, because she's going to join the Interschool Cosplay Competition later this day.

. .

Say goodbye to Arielle-chan, and continue to explore the function room. Here are some of the things that you can see when you enter.

. . .

Unfortunately... I'm too late. Starmarie performance is already over. Last year I was able to see them perform, but this year they performed at a much earlier time. desuuuu :____;

Well, there's still some band performance. I've managed to record two.
The first song is a filipino language version of Magic Knight Rayearth opening theme by evening "Tea Time" band. The second band performance is the opening song of Dragonball Z - sorry, was not able to hear the band name that performed it.

And the name of the third band is Miracle Sanctuary. Their vocalist has a good voice imo. :3

Well, there are more bands but my camera doesn't have infinite storage. Just wanted the people here at Animesuki to see what we saw (and heard) there. So let's move on now. ^^

Walking a bit more. I see my friend April, cosplaying as a character from Dragon Nest. She's working at one of the booths.

. . .

Sasha cosplaying as Karuta Roromiya


Time: a little past 2 pm
Location: SMX second floor, inside function rooms 3 and 4

A Yozora cosplay by Michi. Hmm, nice to see that there are still some Haganai cosplayers. It's a good anime.


Angel M. cosplaying as Taiga from Toradora


Kaitlin C. as Yui Hirasawa from K-On


And here you can see Monya! She's a member of the Starmarie idol group. She's doing a solo cosplay performance on stage. Sorry for shaky vid - it's so crowded and people are pushing. It's her birthday.

I have a second video of her that is not so shaky. Will show it later on this writeup. ",)

Maid cosplay by Alex. Hmm, looks like she's advertising something. You can read the message on the paper. ^^

. .

I now walked toward the shops again. And I see one more meido cosplayer.

Maid cosplay by Mikee. She has a cam, and she's active in taking pics of cosplayers at the convention.

For Isabela, shop owned by Olive Uy. You can see some interesting souvenirs at this shop. We owe her a lot, because she's the one who helped my friend Mj finish the Miku Izayoi costume that was used last year at Christmas Toycon.

. .

Ryuko cosplay by Abegail

Czarinah Anne copslaying as cute schoolgirl.


Maki Nishikino (Awakened Cheongsam version), cosplay by Jessica. So cute, and probabaly one of the better shots I took that day.


Charlene cosplaying as Futaba yoshioka of Ao Haru Ride. We had a good bit of chat, since we both watched and liked the anime. I suggested that she might also like to watch Kimi ni Todoke, since it is a similar show and just as good imo.

. .

Alois Trancy cosplay by Rain


Time: almost 4 pm in the afternoon
Place: second floor, inside function room 3 and 4

Kyla sempai cosplaying as Umi Sonoda from Love Live. Hmm, first time I've seen someone cosplay the maid cafe version with long skirt. :3

Have 3 shots, but the third one is too blurred. gomen. Blurred pic is inside spoiler tag. ><


Walked towards the exit because there's probably plenty of cosplayers outside as well. Took shots of cosplayers standing near the exit.

Ib and Gary cosplay by Yuki Matsumoto and Yuu

Mae-chan cosplaying as Rin from Love Live (No Brand Girls version). Cute pose. ^^

Rory Mercury from Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There. Cosplay by Rachelle


Reyshel cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Snow version) from Love Live. So many Love Live cosplayers today. Well, the show is quite popular here...

Time: almost 5 pm in the afternoon
Place: second floor of SMX, outside the function rooms

Ok, let's take a stroll outisde before the day ends. There are nice cosplays outside too.

Erishin and Shujin cosplaying as Touka Kirishima and Maki Nishikino

Nico Yazawa cosplay by Melody Schnee

I reach the end of the hallway, and there I see.. well, more Love Live cosplayers. Settie-chan cosplaying as maid cafe version of Kotori, also in the pic is her friend Kyla sempai.

. .

Kaname Madoka from Madoka Magica. Cosplay by Jezelle.


Saw my friend Jen. Well, she's with her photographer friends - chatted a bit and we would stay for about an hour more before going home.

Guru Clef cosplay by Axis. This version of Clef is from the special Rayearth episodes.

. .

Time: almost 5 pm
Place: Inside function rooms 3 and 4

Kaoru Miyazono cosplay by Coleen. Nice cosplay from a good anime. I still remember how it ended. ;_;


Nekozawa Nakahara cosplaying as Karuta Roromiya from Inu x Boku

Rin Kagamine cosplay by Kyonji

. . .

Honoka Kousaka (Mogyutto version) from Love Live School Idol Project. Cosplay by Kimbie


And then I see some familiar people. It's my friends Krisha and Avegail - they're cosplaying as Haruna and Hiei two of the 4 Kongou sisters from Kantai Collection anime. :3

. .

Pat cosplaying as a Hibiki from Kantai Collection


Mary Kozakura from Kagerou Project. Cosplay by Prichelle

At this part of the day. I'm already tired, just walking around taking as much pics as possible before going home. Well, the day is not over yet! ^^

Nina and Ira cosplaying as japanese schoolgirls

And I meet one more friend before the day ends. ^^

Anjeline cosplaying as Nozomi Tojo (Candy version) from Love Live. Well, it's nice to meet you again Angel-chan. Thought she was working at one of the tables, but after a conversation - she was just doing something else there. xD

Well, you're still a good cosplayer Angel-chan. Keep it up.

. . . .

Kotori Itsuka from Date A Live. Cosplay by Rhai

There's still planty of activity at the stage even in the late afternoon. :3

Saw some more Kantai Collection cosplayers. Dyan as Hibiki and Phebe as Amatsukaze


And one more surprise for the day. Saw Starmarie, and managed to get near to them. Monya (Kotori cosplay) is the only dressed differently, because it's her birthday.

Managed to take a video of them.

And some pics.

. .

And now it's time to take the final shots for the day.

Mizu Kimi cosplaying as Misaki Mei from Another. She said that "why go home so early". She still has plenty of energy. Sorry for blurred, my hands are already tired.

Yugi Nagato cosplay by Kyra

Mai Nyan Nyan cosplaying as Akazukin Cha Cha. Didn't expect, and glad to see that see that someone is still cosplaying characters from this anime. ^^

. .

Saw Coleen again. Actually, the first time that we met - I was not able to ask her name, this is the time that I was able to ask and write her name down on my mini notebook.

Time: almost 6 pm in the afternoon
Place: SMX seecond floor, outside the function rooms

Meet up again with friends. MJ (Junko) is already tired, but Mich still has plenty of smiles left. :3

Now walking to the carpark.. taking pics of cosplayers that we meet along the way..

Battleship Bismarck from Kantai Collection. Cosplay done by Yuuko Ishikawa


Two Mirai Kuriyama! Mirai idol version by Khimmy, and the seifuku version is done by Jhelly. Even in the afternoon, when most people are tired - there's still plenty of good smiles in this convention.


Sad to go home.. but all conventions do have an end.

Place: first floor of SMX convention center

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Jane, and a Lolita cosplay by Hanah.


Nica cosplaying as Caithlyn

. .

Place: stairs outside SMX

Last pic for the day is a cute Umaru-chan cosplay by Scarlet. Ok. here's a bit of a funny thing.. usually, I post pics of cosplayers here in Animesuki - then I look for the cosplayers on FB. However, this time.. and the first time in 4 years since 2011 - a cosplayer found me first before I posted her pic here. Scarlet said that we have five mutual friend. I guess Umaru is good at finding people. xD

Well, that's it. Goodbye BOA 2015, and hoping to come back again next year for BOA 2016. Thank you for the good memories. ",)

Pics from a friend:

She also attended the convention, but we did not encounter each other.

DISCLAIMER: these photos were not shot by me. Credits goes to the photographer.

Mikasa Ackerman from the anime Shingeki no Kyoujin. Cosplay by Christine Joy Mckeehan


Pics taken at home:

Anime pins. Always bought these at cons, they're good as souvenirs and cheap too.

Booklets from the convention

These pics were taken before we left the house. We eat a lot at home, so we only have to eat snacks at cons. Saves money. :3

. .

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading, next convention writeup will be about Cool Japan 2015. ",)

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