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Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2015 (day 3)

Well, it's the time of the year once again. The holiday season is here. The Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair is a convention held for three days, during December at SM Megamall Megatrade halls.

Hmm, went alone this time (no need to bring car) because friends near my area are busy because of the holiday season. Without any further delay, here are the pics.

Arrived at SM Megamall in the afternoon:

Time: approximately 1:30 pm
Location: 5th floor of SM Megamall

First person that I met is my friend Grace. The girl on the right. She is a cosplayer, but only wear normal clothes in this event. She's the first one that I met because had to deliver an item to her.

The ticket that Grace is holding is actually my ticket.
Just had it included in the shot. The Toyfair people will stamp a mark on your arm once you submit ticket at the entrance.

Now let's go inside.

Place: inside Megatrade hall 2

Plenty of things for sale. Well, this is a convention about toys and collectibles after all. CD's, manga, costumes, and some other good stuffs. :3

. .

But wait.. I came here because some friends are going to perform. Time to walk where the music is coming from. ^^

They have a small stage already setup at the end of the hall.

The NeCos dance group. Saw my friend Allysa and Djonelyn. Allysa is cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Snow Halation version) from Love Live. And Djonelyn is cosplaying as Maki Nishikino, also from Love Live (not looking at the cam now because she hasn't seen me xD).

Hmm, a text on my cellphone. Our props maker sent a message. He's already outside.

Place: outside Megatrade hall 2, near the information center

Shocross our props maker. Inside the box that he's holding are the props for the Hatsune Miku cosplay of one of my friends. And he's wearing a Toyfair shirt because he's one of the marshalls for this convention.

I go back immediately inside because Allysa and the others might perform already.

Place: inside megatrade hall 2

Just in time for the performance start. ^^

Please set your youtube settings to 480p for a clearer video. Can be done by going below the youtube screen and click the button that looks like a wheel.

For those who like to see their fb fanpage, it's here inside the spoiler tag.

Well, that's a nice dance. Sorry, I forgot the name of the song. I'll ask Allysa later, and edit the name of the song into this writeup.

Ok, say goodbye to Necos and explore the convention a bit more.

Some cat tails.

Maid cosplay by Virnel. Saw her near the cat tails. xD


Umaru Doma cosplay by Jochelle. Umaru-chan always play games. hmm.. ^^


Anne cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumiya


Walk back again to the stage. There's an auction. Some nice stuff being sold here.

Stuff toys and monokuma pillow


Love Live figurines. Unfortunately, I'm poor without any money to buy even one. ;___;
. .

Snow doing a costrip. Hmm, costrip means just wearing a wig that you prefer and not cosplaying as any character. Well, she still looks nice - cute stuff toy too. ^^


Hmm, have the feeling that there's plenty more cosplayers outside. So let's explore the outside. Shall we? ^^

Time: approximately 2:45 pm in the afternoon
Place: hallway of 5th floor

And it's a nice decision to go out. Saw another friend... Rijin cosplaying as Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi. Good pose and the wig is nicely styled imo.


Akame from Akame ga Kill. Cosplay by Anika Nepacena

Let's walk a bit more.. as expected, there are more cosplayers outside the megatrade hall.

Meet Jochelle again. Hmm, Umaru-chan is really happy playing video games. ^^


Yume Schnee cosplaying as Touka from Tokyo Ghoul


Maid costrip by Zaizy

Meet again with the NeCos. Looks like they're finished with things inside the megatrade hall.

Djonelyn cosplaying as Maki Nishikino, and Eri Ayase cosplay by Krizia Anne

. .

Mary from the game Ib. Cosplay by Kianna Chua

And there's really plenty of Love Live cosplayers in this convention.

Patpat Sorenid as Umi, Tricia Anne as Kotori, and Faye Iparis as Eri. They're cosplaying as Kira Kira version of the Love Live characters.


Hmm, and then we get even more Love Live. Passed by NeCos again, and this time they have Palmtop with them - "palmtop" is the nickname of Allysa. :3

. .

. . .

Oh well.. LL is rather popular here. And there's many versions of the costumes of each character, so people have plenty to choose from.

Decided to go back inside.

Met one more LL cosplay on the way back to megatrade hall 2.

Rin Hoshizora (candy version). Cosplay by Aire Xie


Time: 3:30 in the afternoon
Place: inside megatrade hall 2

Karla cosplaying as a character from Assassin's Creed. My notes are a bit blurred, so not sure what exactly is the name of this character. This part might be edited later.

Saw Virnel again. Took some more shots, since we can't really take shots properly when I first saw her (area was crowded when we first met). I guess she did buy the cat ears from the store. xD


Hmm, a video game that uses anime characters. Looks interesting..

And now I pass by Sakura Hime Kimono Shop. I bought some nice souvenirs from this place. Den (their salesgirl in the pic), talked me into buying their mini monokuma. Well, even if small.. monobear is still monobear.

. .

Melanie cosplaying as Togger 5 pink. First time I've heard of that sentai show. @_@


Went out again.

Time: almost 4 pm
Place: outside megatrade hall 2

Meet two more members of NeCos. The Hanayo cosplayer is one of my friends, Clarice Zamora. And the Rin cosplayer is Remi.

. .

Met Rijin again. Well, more Chitoge pics is always a good thing. ^^

This is one of my favorite shot of the day.

And some more.

. .

Morgiana cosplay by Mae-chan. This cosplay is very well done in my opinion.
What worried me is that she just walk barefoot at the con. Well, I guess the floors don't have anything dangerous on them. ><

. .

Min mi cosplaying as Kotori Minami (Kira Kira version)

. .

And unexpectedly met another long time friend. Blessie cosplaying as Eureka from Eureka 7. It's always nice to see friends at conventions.

. .

And Blessie has a companion with her. Bei Karlos as Karuta Roromiya from Inu x Boku


Well, say goodbye to them and explore some more. It's getting late, so one last walk around the place before going home. :3

Time: almost 5 pm in the afternoon
Place: 5th floor

Definitely no shortage of Love Live in this event.

Johara cosplaying as Kotori Minami (schoolgirl blazer version)


Chrome Dokuro cosplay by Ichi Goku


And encountered another friend. Here's a nice Mirai Kuriyama cosplay by Christine Joy Mckeehan. ^^

. . .

Maid costrip by Meilen. Sorry for being a bit blurred, my hands are already tired at this part of the day.

. .

Sand Pie as Challenger Ahri from League of Legends. First time to see this version of Ahri. Sand Pie also told me that the character has that facial expression.


I walk back one last time to the entrance of megatrade hall 2.

Met three cosplayers there, the three of them went together to this convention.

Akame cosplay by Sheshie, Kurome cosplay by Angel, and Kashiwazaki Sena cosplay by Trixie (it's her first time to attend a convention). :3

. .

Krul Tepes cosplay by Rona

. .

Went back inside one last time.

Time: almost 6 pm
Place: inside megatrade hall 2

Cure Happy figurines

Saw some more NeCos members. Ruth as Nico Yazawa, and Hoshi as Umi Sonoda


Have no more cash. So can't buy anything else. Time to go home now.

Time: almost 6:30 pm
Place: outside megatrade hall

Pass by the information center again. Shocross (guy with blue shirt), is still there, one of the marshalls for this day. He told me that one of their problems are those people without ticket who are trying to get in, just saying excuses like "we need to get something inside". Wait, what??? Seriously?? I guess being a marshall can be tough. xD

And near the information center I meet another friend. Cheenee (girl near the guy with green shirt), she's one of the dancers of the dance group Borealis. They performed before NeCos. I was just a little bit late to see their performance, since I arrived before NeCos performed. ><

Nanami Uchiha from Mermaid Melody. Cosplay by Yasmine


Oh, and saw another friend. Ross Diong (tallest girl in the pic), leader of 15 Raindrop Dance Group. With her are other members of the group.Angel and Jen (the chibi girl at the left).


Chloe cosplaying as Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

. .

Yui Maki as Rin Kagamine (meltdown version)

. .

I see Allysa one more time before going down the stairs. Well bye bye palmtop tiger. See you again next convention. ^^

. .

Hmm, and just one more good cosplay before going down the stairs - Faye cosplaying as Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. She looks evil with monkuma. xD

. .

Place: 4th floor of SM Megamall
Time: a little past 6:30 pm

Saw some cosplayers walking. I thought they're already going home. Asked them if it's ok for one or two pics. However, after a little chat - I found out that they've just arrived, and can't find the convention area (their first time here). I told them to just go up the escalator, and that there are still plenty of people at the 5th floor.

Dia Mayca as Bridget from Guilty Gear (nice teddy and she swings around that yoyo. xD), And Path Nablo as Saya Kisaragi from Blood C.

. .

Goodbye and thank you Toyfair 2015. Plenty of good memories from this one. Hope to attend again next year. ",)

Pics from a friend:

Disclaimer: these pics were not shot by me. Credits goes to the photographers of my friend.

My friend Claire, cosplaying as Nozomi Tojo (Candy version). She also attended Toyfair, but we were unable to do shoots, because of too many people. We talked about it on fb. I noticed her, but cannot go to her because I was talking to someone - when I looked again she was gone already. She noticed me, but was also doing something, when she looked again I had already disappeared. xD

. . .

Pics taken after getting home:

Toyfair ticket

Cat Hatsune Miku that I bought from Sakura Hime Kimono Shop


Mini monobear, also bought from Sakura Hime Kimono Shop


Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. ^^
Happy New Year to everyone. I hope to do more anime convention writeups for 2016.

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