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Satoko's Trap Lecture - Advanced Level (Ep. 09)

(at school)
It was a peaceful lunch break.

Bam, Crash, Kabla------m!!!

Keiichi: "Wawa! W, what the?!"
Rena: "I heard something loud in the hallway just now! What is it!? What is it!?"

We dashed out into the hallway........., and there stands Kantoku with a water-filled bucket flipped over on his head!

Mion: "K, kantoku, are you alright?!"
Irie: "Taha, hahahaha.... Well, ...Looks like she got me.... Everyone, good afternoon."
In a very cool tone, Kantoku greeted us casually.

Keiichi: "What's going on, Kantoku? It's rare for you to come to school."
Irie: "Well, it's something related to my job, I come to school every week, you know? Since nothing happened recently... I got completely careless...."

Rena: "Ahahaha.... So you came at a time just when you were beginning to forget about Satoko-chan's traps.... Are your clothes alright?"
Irie: "Nono, I was just thinking about giving myself a bath anyway, it's actually very cool and nice."
Mion: "As expected of Kantoku. Never getting angry at little things like these! This side of you really gives off a mature~ feel."

...That's true.
If I was Kantoku, I would've immediately ran out searching for that brat with the bucket still over my head.
I admire the matureness to not get angry at every little childish pranks.

Irie: "You see, Maebara-san. With one change in your way of thinking, even things like these can go from being frustrating to pleasant. The important thing is how you perceive them."
Keiichi: "......If you have a secret trick to staying that cool even when getting smacked with a whole water bucket, I would love to learn about it."

Irie: "For example, ...Let's say there's a traditional-style old house that existed since the Meiji-era."
Keiichi: "Hmu hmu."
Irie: "And let's say a large number of maids are being employed there as housekeepers. Of course, since it's a large house, there are a lot of maids there, ranging all the way from the head maid, who has turned into a veteran overseer, to sprited newbie maids!! Come on, can you imagine it? Come on... ♪"

......Come on...♪
A pink-colored dream maid dimension decorated with frills and hairbands is expanding out with the Kantoku at its center....

Irie: "The newbie maids get all the affection of their goshujinsama (master) with their spiritedness and innocence! However, the senpai (senior) maids won't allow that! They make harsh comments at every little thing, and bullys and bullys and bullys the newbie maids!! Look, there's still so much dust! Ahh... I'm sorry.... Do it again!
Splash!! A bucket was flipped over the Maid-san, splashing her with water! The soaked Maid-san... almost breaking into tears, but still energetically..., Haa haa!! M・a・i・d~~~~♪♪♪!!"

Rena: "......Hau~~~☆ I don't know why but it sounds fun~☆ Rena wants a maid-san too...♪"
Mion: "Ah-- Ah--, geez! Even Rena got converted--. Come on, Kei-chan too! Stop immersing yourself in Kantoku's world!"
Satoko: "......If it weren't because of this, Kantoku would've been a nice person too."

Irie: "MU! I spot Houjou Satoko-san! ...Satoko-san, what's with this!? There's still dust left! P, p-p, punishment! It's punishment time!!"
Satoko: "Wha!! Nyanya! Nya---!!!"

Kantoku picks up Satoko lightly, and starts to spank Satoko's butt.

Rena: "Ahahahahahahaha! Satoko-chan, kaaii! A-hahahahahaha!" (kaaii = Rena's version of 'kawaii')
Keiichi: "......Satoko can control traps with a genius-like perception, yet why can't she forsee this ending? It's really amazing."

Rena: "I wonder about that. I think this is the ending that Satoko wished for. I think!"
Keiichi: "Satoko wished for this ending--? What do you mean by that?"

Rena: "If you play a prank like this on someone, the opponent will definitely get mad and chase after you, right? Don't you think this is a type of communication as well?"
Keiichi: "...I really don't like this kind communication. Can't she just come in normally with a greeting like "good afternoon~"?"

Rena: "Eh, Keiichi-kun, haven't you heard? People who keep playing pranks on others are actually lonely people who want others to pay attention to them."
With a nonchalant smile, Rena briefed me while laughing gently.

Rena: "That's why.... If you get caught in Satoko-chan's trap, it'd be great if you can properly get mad, laugh, and chase after Satoko-chan. This is kind of like a cat's playful bite... Don't you think that's cute...?"

(after school, scene shifts to the back mountains)

Satoko: "Here, the person will be surprised and jump back for sure. That's why if we place the trap here, the person will definitely get caught in it!!"
While speaking proudly of her trap philosophy, Satoko continues to modify the back mountains into a vicious trap hell.

If what Rena said is true, if Satoko's traps are her subconscious wish for people to pay attention to her-.

......Then that means all the countless traps placed in this back mountain, ...are the materialization of those wishes.

Alone with Rika-chan, ...placing tons and tons of traps in the mountain, .........There's no doubt she has always waited for someone to fall into her traps.

......However, there's no way anyone would come to a back mountain like this.
......There's no doubt she spent all these time together with Rika-chan, imagining the kind of reactions her victims would make when they fall into her traps.

Satoko, seperated for life from her beloved ni-ni-, Satoshi.
...The stubborn determination to not say a single word wishing for him to come back.
However, the countless traps that sleep within this mountain has taught me Satoko's true feelings.

Satoko: "......Are you listening? Keiichi-san!"
Keiichi: "Ah, sorry, sorry. What was it?"

Satoko: "Just by sticking a nail in the tree trunk like this, you can get an excellent trap, you know? If they trip around over there and hit their head against this.... it will hurt~!"
Keiichi: "H, human hammer against the head of the nail, huh.... T, that sounds painful...."

Satoko: "This trap will definitely become a powerful trap for punishing e~vil bad guys! I sure am looking forward to seeing what kind of villian would get caught in it!"
Keiichi: "...Why are you throwing glances at me when you say that? Do you want me to get caught in this? ...T, this one can really seriously hurt someone. You should get rid of this trap."

Satoko: "............Is that so? ...Well, certainly, traps without love are no good, aren't they? ......Very well, if the villian has properly reformed himself, then I'll move the position of the nail a little, so he doesn't get caught in it...,"
Satoko began to immerse herself in the adjustment of the positioning of the nail.

...Trap is love, huh.
Maybe what Kantoku said is true. With one change in your perception, ...everything changes.

If I think about it that way, ....getting caught in Satoko's traps might actually carry a feeling of amusement and warmth with it as well.

Satoko: "It's complete!! It's perfect with this wonderful positioning! What do you think, Keiichi-san?"
Keiichi: "Ah, ...yeah. It's perfect. It'd be great now if some villians can actually appear to fall for this trap."
Satoko: "Ho-ho-ho-ho! It's obviously better if they don't."

......It looks a little painful, but maybe I'll go ahead and fall for this trap the next time I come here.

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