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Copy of Initial Autopsy Report (Ep. 09)

According to the autopy report, the victim was murdered in the following manner:

(1) Full body was strapped by a restraining device
Upon inspection of the bruises on the body, it seems that the entire body was put onto specialized restraining device. The bruises on her fingers stand out so it is highly possible that this device was of a custom or home made device.

(2) Both ears and nose cut off by a sharpened object
Due to the different types of bruises, it is surmised that there was one or more persons to hold her down on the victim's neck as the facial parts were cut off. It is possible that more than one object were used, and one of those objects have a high possibility of being a scissor.

(3) Nails driven through the fingers of both hands
Both of the victims hands had one nail driven through each of the finger joints; totalling 30 nails. The body was found with the nail-driven hands strapped to a wooden board about 20 square centimeters. This board has a high possibility of being a part of the restraining device. And it is a highly suspected that this device was built for this exact purpose.

(4) Stomach cut open, intestines torn out
It is possible that the stomach was cut open with a sharp object like a medical surgery. There is no doubt that the victim was still alive at this point. The intestines and internal organs were then pulled and torn out. This was the main cause of death of the victim.

(5) Corpse abandonment
Dumbbells were tied to the pet collar and was strapped to the victim's neck. The body was then abandoned into the third channel of Tamagokawa River. By taking into account of the weights of the dumbbells, three men would've been necessary to abandon the body.

To Oishi-san:

This is the copy of the initial autopsy report that you requested for the Tamagokawa Corpse Mutilation case. Section Chief Shigeharu says that this could be related to Type-S cases. What do you think, Oishi-san?

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