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Originally Posted by Zappster
Any info on what sort of extras come with the limited edition of the 1st DVD volume?
A lot of stuff It's all in the picture here (might be too big to post so I'll just link you to it) which basically includes:
1. 5 "collection playing cards" (as cdjapan calls them)
2. "Commemorative Starter book" (again, cdjapan - looks to be in black and white minus the cover)
3. Mini Soundtrack CD! (Not the anime OST, no idea what's on it)
4. TIPS (ie what's on this forum, although I dunno if it'll be something more substantial or just extra text in the DVD menu)
5. The DVD itself.
6. No idea. Shoved the kanji through altavista and got "Whole volume purchase benefit application ticket" - maybe you get one of these little things for every volume you can buy and do something with them afterwards if you get the lot? *shrug*

Well, there's what 1-5 are anyway >.>
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