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East 3rd Round (Ep. 09)

*Extensive terminology in mahjong in this TIPS. As I don't know the English equivalent, it'll be said in Japanese.

Oishi: "Unfufufu! There it is, ron! Chun-dora 3, 15000."
Kuma: "Whaa...! What the heck is that... How do you get three doras!"
B: "You idiot. You're the one who brought it in by doing a kan-dora when Oishi's tenpai-ing!"
Oishi: "If you brought chun out, it's inevitable to put on more doras. The dora-side shouldn't cut if the your showing the yakuhais. Unfufufu!"

They began to re-assemble the mountain of hais as Oishi laughs tauntingly and the rest grumbles.

A: "....By the way Oishi-san, did you find out anything?"
B: "What's this about. ...oh, you're talking about the mutilated corpse that was found in the river. Did you find any leads on it?"
Oishi: "A little bit. Can you do a follow up?"
A: "As always! So what's the details on the victim?"
Oishi: "She went by the name of Mamiya Rina. Real name was Ritsuko."
Kuma: "She worked at a club called Blue Mermaid in Shishibone Flower Road."
B: "Sigh, that's a tough one. That's the one that's owned by one of the lieutenants of the Sonozakis ain't it?"
A: "...Sonozaki...Damn! That's falls under Type-S. ...This case is gonna be rough."
Kuma: "According to rumors, she got into huge trouble by using their money and drugs. Obviously, it was on a scale that couldn't be taken as a joke."
B: "She poked her hand into their money huh. Seems like there's a guy behind her. A girl can't do all of this on her own."
Oishi: "Unfufu! He's probably dead too already. It's just that we haven't found his body yet."
Kuma: "Oh yes, Oishi-san. The girl's pimp-daddy still seems to be alive."
Oishi: "He is? Well then, I guess he'll die very soon. I love how this system works - the pests exterminates the pests."
Kuma: "This pimp-daddy of her, it's that guy - Houjou Teppei"

[insert eerie music here]

B: "...Houjou? Who's he?"
A: "...Houjou Teppei. Remember the housewife that was brutally beaten to death last year at Hinamizawa? It's her husband. ....I heard he went into hiding after that incident. ....So he crawled under his bitch huh. "
B: "...This starts to smell more and more like Sonozaki involvement."
Oishi: "So where's this boyfriend of hers?"
Kuma: "He was living with her at her apartment. However, he seems to have thought that she left him so he's now going from one place to another for a new home to leech off of."
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