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Fatal/Fake Beginner's guide and Character Comparision(translated from another frorum and edited for eaiser understanding):

Basic Controls:
or : attack

: Dodge. Move forward as well as sideways to dodge many attacks.
Down: Squat
Up: Jump
Forward Forward: Dash
Up Forward Forward: Jump Dash
Backwards: Guard when being attacked
Just Defense: Beserker/Assassin's special ability. Tap backwards(guard) key when being attacked to heal mana/hp
Blocking: Archer's special ability. Tap forwards when being attacked to counter attack
Counter: Hit attack when your opponent does. A weapon clash will occur and the one who hit attack first will be stunned for a looong time.
Directional Keys: I'll use numbers to represent the directions:
The directions assume you're facing the right.
e.g. 4=backwards 6 =forwards

For just defense I'll put up a replay to demonstrate it. See attatched url at bottom of post to locate the replays
(file name: just defense)

Now onto the character comparision:
Spoiler for saber:

Spoiler for archer:

next up: beserker

Still under construction.
P.S. sorry for the double posting

url for replays:

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