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A bit of revision before we continue:

Basic Controls:
or : attack

: Dodge. Move forward as well as sideways to dodge many attacks.
: Squat
: Jump
: Dash
: Jump Dash
: Guard when being attacked
Just Defense: Beserker/Assassin's special ability. Hit guard then moment your opponent's hit land on you to heal mana/hp.
Counter: Hit attack when your opponent does. A weapon clash will occur and the one who hit attack first will be stunned for a looong time.
Ex moves: When there's a move that can be done with either ABC, the version with C is called Ex move and they often costs 1 mana.

Now back to the character comparision:
Spoiler for beserker:

Spoiler for assassin:

next up: lancer

Still under construction.

url for replays:

I'll take a break here today.

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