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Cosplay Carnival 2016 (day 2)

Hi, sorry for being late again. Here's one anime convention that we've attended last February. Cosplay Carnival is a 2 day event (Feb 20-21) held at SMX Convention Center at MoA. We attended the second day.

Without further delay, here are the pics:

We arrived there at approximately 1 pm in the afternoon.

First cosplay pic for the day is Cat cosplaying as Shigure from Kancolle

Jec cosplaying as Erza from Fairy Tail

Walking a bit more, we see Audrey. She's cosplaying as Nia. And she's also working as a booth girl for Cospray - they sell hair spray. the dye can easily be washed off with water.

If you're interested in their product, please contact miss Marjorie.

. .

Time: 1:30 in the afternoon
Place: inside function 4

Ok, let's walk a bit more. Next we meet Mizu Kimi and Yuno Yuzuki cosplaying as Chitege and Marika. Hmm, I didn't know that a wig like that is available for Togechi... err... I mean Chitoge-san (I'm just joking ok xD). Sorry, the photo is a bit blurred.
Oh, and this is one of the best Marika I've seen. Her facial expression seem to match the real character. ^^

Now we walk at the stalls, just window shopping because not much extra cash. We see a maid costrip by Rica Mae.

Pic together with cat bag. :3

A-Rise cosplay by Rhea (Erena), Alvie (Anju) and Cielo (Tsubasa)

Hmm, and walking a bit more.. we now see some Love Live items. This anime is still very famous in conventions in our country. Will probably stay that way for many more months to come, since a season 3 is coming. The book looks nice, but no money to buy it. ;__;


Anyway, moving on we see Arisa cosplaying as Nurse Joy. Hmm, first time to see this character cosplayed in a convention here. And nice smile. ^^

Time: approximately 2:30 in the afternoon

We have been walking for a long time now. Time to take a short break, so we go to the snack section to buy some drinks and takoyaki.

And at the snack section, we also see Pammy cosplaying as Homura Akemi. Looks like she caught a Kyubey.

Oh, and also near the snack area is the stage. They are having a contest on who can drink Mogu Mogu the fastest. Contest looks fun. ^^

. . .

The takoyaki is delicious. Let's walk again. xD

But wait.. the mogu mogu drinking contest had 2 winners, a girl cosplayer and a guy who crossdress as a character from Love Live. @.@

Now walking near the stalls again. We meet Patricia cosplaying as Umaru-chan. I wonder what she wants to buy in this convention. More games or patayto chips? Just kidding ok.

We saw what looks like a mini cherry tree. Take a souvenir pic with it. :3

Gale C as Temmie from Undertale. At first, I thought she was really selling something. o.o

Most conventions have nice figurines on display. And of course, this conventions has one too.

We meet Rica Mae once again. She's rather tall.


Vina Miyazaki cosplaying as a character from Dynasty Warriors. Sorry, have not heard properly the name of her character. a bit hard to talk to her since she's taiwanese. This part might be edited later with character name. **


Some more items on display.

Miku Hatsune (Love Philosphia version). Cosplay by Mary Rose. Hmm, the costume looks a bit big on her, but still looks good imo.

I remember seeing a larger cosplayer in another con wearing a similar cos, maybe she bought or rented it from that person.


Mira Jane cosplaying as Rin Hoshizora (white day version) from Love Live

We bought some anime posters from one of the tables. I'll show later.

Well, there might be more cosplayers outside. So let's go outside for awhile.

Place: 2nd floor, outside Function Room 4
Time: almost 4 pm in the afternoon

And it's the right thing to go outside, because one of my friends is there. Charlene cosplaying as Chitoge. Kawaii desu.

. . . .

Walking a little, we see a Love Live (Wonderful Rush version) group cosplay. It's nice seeing a group effort like this one.

Yuriko Lee (Umi Sonoda), Rim (Hanayo), Yumichan (Kotori), Nachan (Eli Ayase), and Shaira Cabangbangan as Nico Yazawa.

. .

. . .

Shinoa Hiragi cosplay by Aydie. The pic above her head is a joke done by her friends. I'm not the one who did it. :O

. .

It's getting a bit late. So let's take one last stroll inside the function room before going home. Already got souvenirs, and I've taken a a lot of pics already.

Place: inside Function Room 4

Going inside again, we meet miss Yvette at the Unmei Nihongo Learning Center booth. If you want to learn japanese, this is the place to go. They have some fun games too, like a wheel and origami sumo (I think we won this xD).

. . . .

Ahoho, we found a cat tail! :3

And a bit tired now. so we sit for a bit. This is the first time we sit since we arrived. Tired, but stil having fun.

After the short rest, take a shot of the cosplayers that are near us..

Nielscze Anne as Kotori Minami from Love Live (Cotton Candy version)


Jasmine Chan and Monica Ramos, cosplaying as Hatsune Miku and Maki Nishikino (cheongsam version). Even in the afternoon when most people are tired, cosplayers still have a good smile.

Shops are still open and active.

And this is the stage where a cosplay competition was done.

We went to the area of the function room where they draw stuffs. The girl with the scarf goes by the nickname "Nightmare Syrup". She draws really well, the Marisa pic that I will show at "pics taken after getting home" was drawn by her. :3

. .

This is the schedule for the meet and greet. unfortunately, didn't have time to fall in line for this. We did see one of them walking around during the afternoon, although was not able to take a pic. desu ><

Takumi Akatsuki cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama. She's tiny and cute. We played a scene where Mirai is happy to receive money. xD

. .

. .

Just before going out we meet Sho. He's a crafstman / props maker in the cosplay community here. Some props used by my friends have been made by him.

And just before we go out the exit.. we met one more of my friends. Donna-chan cosplaying as Kayo Hinazuki from Boku Dake Inai Machi. Hmm, first time, I've seen this character. Might be a good anime.. anyway, received a b-day gift from Donna-chan (will show later). Arigatou.

Goodbye Cosplay Carnival 2016. Had some good memories from this event. Hoping to come back again next year. ",)

Pics taken after getting home:

Received cat stuff toy from Donna-chan. Makes sound when you press it. ^__^

Some of the posters that I bought there. Date A Live, Akame Ga Kill. Kancolle and Himouto Umaru-chan.

. . . . .

Drawing by Nightmare Syrup

Brochure / fliers from Unmei Nihongo Learning Center

. .

Kotori pin. Bought three of these, but I gave the others away to Aiza and MJ-cat (she was not able to attend this convention).

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. ^^
Next convention writeup will be about Tagcom on April 17.

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