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E2-3 Number 44 (Ep. 10)

Child Welfare Record: E2-3 Number 44

Name of Child:
Houjou Satoko (age X)

Resident of Shishibone City Hinamizawa Village XXX

(1) The Course of Request
Child herself called the Child Abuse Hotline.

(2) Circumstances of Abuse
Child reported that she was being physically abused by her stepfather.

(3) Organization of Family (abuser marked with *)
*Stepfather, Biological mother, elder brother, abused child
  • Stepfather and biological mother married in Showa XX. The child is from the biological mother and her ex-husband.

(4) Measures taken by the Child Protection Service
Call received from child herself, called her school on the same day to investigate her condition. Agent visited the child's home the right away to investigate and interrogate. Stepfather agreed to receive guidance and to take child development workshop at city services. Will continue to observe his progress under assisted guidance.

(5) Other
Upon counseling the child at the City Educational Services, it has been concluded that there is a high possibility that this case was a result of the child's disproportionate mistrust of her stepfather and a lack of family communication. There were no signs of physical abuse as initially reported, and it seems the child made the claim under false pretense to shun her stepfather.

(the following is scribbled in pencil by the person in charge of this case at the time)

It seems the main problem was in the child herself. Main Investigator F of the City Educational Services stated that the majority of her abuse claims are made up. The guidance will focus on the child henceforth. Use precaution in believing too much what the child claims to say.
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