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Ok, this is supposed to be right, since this is from the publisher >.<

Volume 8 of the seinen light novel Zero no Tsukaima will be released on 23/6/2006

Here its cover:

A manga based on the light novel will start soon

Zero no Tsukaima manga will be serialized in the new seinen(young men's) manga magazine Comic Alive, the first issue (yes the first issue) of Comic Alive magazine will be released on 27/6/2006, and the first chapter of Zero no Tsukaima manga will be serialized on the first issue of this new seinen magazine

Comic Alive
Monthly manga magazine
Target audience of magazine: young men

The cover of Comic Alive is so moe~ >.< I want it >.<

Comic Alive will have manga in it that are based on seinen light novels that are published under the seinen label MF Bunko J.
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