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Originally Posted by Clamp-X
surprising that keichi went that far for satoko
There, you just caught the no.1 deficiency with the anime: not enough empathy between us viewers and the characters. The game went though a long process showing Keiichi developing a loving bond with Satoko, learning and understanding about her situation, and trying his best at becoming a second ni-ni- figure for Satoko (you can see a little bit of this in the "advanced trap lecture" TIP, I think). There was a loving relationship between the two.

That's why, when Keiichi *snapped* from seeing Satoko breaking down (which he did in the game, but not in the anime), the feeling was mutually shared by most players as well. That's why, when Keiichi went into "KOOL mode" (a term used by the fans describing the times when Keiichi went into a psycho state, kind of like Rena's Oyashiro-mode), the players felt it too. The anime lacked these types of portrayal, that's why it felt really sudden to see Keiichi "going that far for Satoko".

Originally Posted by iczelion74
Can someone give some insight on the important parts from the game that were left out of eps 11?
Spoiler for a small excerpt of Keiichi's high speed chain of thoughts when he snapped:
... And that was just a small section of Keiichi's internal monologue during his "KOOL mode".

Spoiler for another powerful scene from the game:

What can I say? The anime simply didn't (or can't) get around to all these other aspects of the original sound novel, and that really weakened the story a lot.

But if you think about, it's not as if the anime's skipping them on purpose, because it's true that every episode was packed with developments. There was simply no room to accomodate all the other plot elements from each chapter.

Too bad, rather than blazing through each chapter, focusing only on the "suspense" portions of the story, if they had focused on only 1 or 2 chapters and took the time to illustrate all the important scenes and events, the stories would've been so much more powerful than they are now.

I'm complaining again, aren't I? ^^;

Well, I'll just shut up and repeat to myself that phrase I heard somewhere:
"Just be glad that an anime version actually exists, just be glad that an anime version actually exists, just be..."

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