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Otaku Expo 2016 (day 2)

Hi everyone. Time for another convention report.
Otaku Expo was held on Aug 6 and 7 at SM Megamall. 5th Floor, Megatrade Hall 1. We attended the second day. Hmm, we left the house a bit late so it's already past 1 pm when we arrived at the convention.

Without any further delay. Here are the pics:

Time: approximately 1:30 pm in the afternoon
Place: 5th floor of SM Megamall Building B

Kosaki Onodera cosplay by Mj-cat, and Chieri Sono cosplay by Mich. They are my companions at the car on going to this convention. My friend Sarah also came with us (not wearing cos). We thought it would be better to take pics now while we're not yet at the crowded areas of the convention. ^^

. .

Bought some tickets. Oh, sad.. their ticket is just made of paper now. In previous years the ticket is made of harder material, and can be taken home as souvenir. This time it's just printed on paper with ink that seems to be on "fast draft" mode. Lack of budget maybe?

Place: inside Megatrade Hall 1

First pic inside is a Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica. Cosplayed by Regine. I think this is a good cosplay of Homura-chan. And the anime is good too.

. .

This is the stage. I think it was a drinking contest going on there.

Just near the stage, I saw a friend. Geneva cosplaying as Miyuki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa Maid Sama. Still a nice cosplay even without a wig.

. . .

Chitoge cosplay by Laarnie. We've talked a bit. Told me that I've taken a pic of her before, but the fb name she used before is different. Well, it's always nice to see again the people I've not seen for sometime in cons. Glad she still remembers.

Xristelle cosplaying as Kotori Minami (white day version).

Cute cat stuff toy. Saw this at one of the shops. /nya

Many cosplayers near the stage, so let's take some mroe shots.

Kula Diamond from King of Fighters. Cosplay by Nicole. Wow, I this is the first time I've met a Kula cosplayer. And she cosplayed the character rather nicely. ^^

. . .

Next we see a Deathsaurer on display. Hmm, it moves.. I wonder if this is mechanical or someone is inside? In a convention years ago, I saw something like this that can walk. Anyway, just by the pic, you can see how big it is.

note: the cosplayer in the pic I was not able to ask her name or her cos, she just happened to be there when I was taking pic of the dino.


Cat bags. Sarah is looking at them. Would have liked to buy one. But we don't really have much money with us.


Jake the dog stuff toys. ^^

Idolm@ster bag. Products of this anime have been showing up more often. Just to show that Love Live is not the only famous idol anime here.

Some other stuffs.


Zia cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama (idol version). That's a nice smile.

. .

Kurl Tepes cosplay by Icine.

We find some more cat stuffs. This time we bought the wallet.

Walking a bit more, we see Elvie Chan as Xun Shangxiang and Mari Chan as Wang Yuanji. Both characters are from Dynasty Warrriors. Also the first time I've seen these characters cosplayed in a convention. Plenty game character coisplayers in this con.


Hmm, time flies a bit fast when walking around.

Time: almost 3 pm in the afternoon

Want to buy an Umaru Hoodie?

How to draw manga. It's a step by step drawing guide. **

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by K. Cruz


Rizel cosplaying as Noriko Sonozaki from Kizanaiver. First time to see this character in a convention as well.

Let's go out for a bit. And we need to get something to drink too.

Place: 5th floor of SM Megamall building B. Outside megatrade hall 1

Walked around a lot. But the guards are really really active.. so was not able to shoot much pics outside. But I did get one shot..

Taiga Aisaka cosplay by Evangeline. In conventions here, there would always be a tiger... err I mean a Taiga cosplayer.

. .

Went inside again.

Time: almost 4 pm
Place: inside megatrade hall 1

Found a cosplayer near the cheesecake store. She even has a bunny. ^^
Sora Kasugano from Yosuga no Sora. Cosplayed by Chreo. Also, the first time I've seen this character in a con. Hmm, counting the previous ones.. that's three firsts already. I guess there are many rare cosplays in this con. Not just the mainstream ones.

. .

Shazu and Kaze cosplaying as NyaaKB dancers.


Isuzu Sento cosplay by Johna Mae

Eunice cosplaying as Umaru Doma (video arcade girl version) from Himouto! Umaru-chan. I like this version a little bit more than the others, it's like she's ready to go and play a game. But she has a cam.. so I guess what Umaru is doing right now is being a photographer.


Krul Tepes cosplay by Luvi. Said that this is her first time to cosplay at an anime convention. Well, she did nicely on her first try in my opinion.

. .

Found a cheerful cosplayer near the stage, she's smiling a lot.
Stephanie cosplaying as Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Famous anime, but the story is really sad ;_; Steph later showed me what's inside the violin case. And there's a real violin inside.

. .

Akifumi-chan cosplaying as Kongou from Kantai Collection

Gothic lolita cosplay by Tsukine Aoi


Time: almost 5 pm
Place: inside megatrade hall 1

Almost time to go home. Let's take a few more shots. Most cosplayers are inside, so there's no need to go outside.

Christine cosplaying as Doma Umaru (schoolgirl version)


Sanya Litvyak from Strike Witches. Cosplayed by Aika Pastel


Saw Regine again. The Homura cosplayer that we met when first went in. Well, we're all a bit tired by now. But Homura-chan is still active and having fun at the con.

Want to eat some cheesecakes? They look delicious.. unfortunately, the money I have left is only for gas for my car.

. .

Miu Miyu cosplaying as Rin Shibuya from Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls. Nice cosplay of the costume from the first opening theme.

. . .

Rem cosplay by Ning Eu, and Ram cosplay by Christine - characters from RE: Zero anime. Both cosplays are quite good. However, this also reminds me of Otaku Expo's awesome tarpaulin. just kidding XD


Still plenty of cosplayers even when it's almost evening. Let's keep going.

Chitoge Kirisaki cosplay by Ghe. Even when almost everyone is already tired, cosplayers can still have a nice smile.

Beatrice cosplaying as Krul Tepes.


Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Cosplayed by Ayumi Ishikawa

Shalee cosplaying as Nao Tomori from Charlotte. Really cute cosplay, and she even has a panda bag (bag is not part of the costume).

. . .

Well, since we're almost going home. Pic again with Mich and MJ-cat before we all go back to my car. Goodbye hug to pikachu. ^^


Met Stephanie again - the Kao-chan cosplayer I've met earlier -. This time with her two friends. Asked Steph what's inside the case, and she showed me what's inside. :3

Weia as Doma Umaru (kimono version), Queenie (Nao Tomori), and Stephanie (Kaori Miyazono)

. .

Battle of the bands competition at the stage. Video is the 4th band that performed. Sorry, I was not able to hear the band name. the song sounds familiar, but I can't remember exactly what anime it came from.

Sadly, it's now time to go home.

Time: a little past 6 pm
Place: outside the megatrade hall

While walking to the car. Let's take a pic of cosplayers that we see. ^__^

Sheila Mae cosplaying as Kotori Minami (police version)


Unexpectedly met a friend. Ella Chavez cosplaying as Kotori Minami (white day version) with wings. It's a nice unexpected meeting, and just before going home too. Asked her why she has no shoes, she then told me that the costume is barefoot.


And the last pics for the day would be a maid cosplay by Dhy, and Shinoa cosplay by Elie Chan. These were shot just before we went down the escalator to the 4th floor. A nice way to end the day.

. . .

Well, that's all of them. Goodbye Otaku Expo 2016, maybe going back next year. I just hope nothing tarpaulin related happens again. XD


There is a tarpaulin auction at the evening of Otaku Expo. the highest priced one is the Rem and Ram tarpaulin. Unfortunately, the art used by the organizers is actually taken from a fanart by a certain Tomato. The artist complained... and the Otaku Expo staff apologized to him. Oh, and I discovered through comments that Otaku Expo and Ozine are run by the same company. I think the staff also did a public apology for what happened.

Status of the issue = solved by the organizers of the event by making an apology and give compensation to the artist.

The complaint

The art as seen on the page of the artist

Reactions in the cosplay community. Most of them are in english.

. . .

Pics taken at home:

This is a pic before we went to the convention. We spend less at the con by eating before going there. XD

Chitoge pin bought at the convention.

Well, that's all and thank you for reading. Next convention writeup will be about BOA 2016 this coming September. ",)

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