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Note of Grudges? (Ep. 12)

I was yelled for being too stinky.
I was yelled at for the food being too stinky.
He said that it stinks because I'm stinky.
He said that I stink because I don't take a bath.
He said that since I stink so much, I need to take a bath at least three times a day.
I was told that I have to stay in each of those baths for a long long time.

It is possessing this guy too. Because this was the same thing that the dead guy was saying as well. How does this person know what that guy said.

That's easy. It's because the thing that possessed that guy is now possessing this guy too.

I wish that an earthquake occur right now and open a big crack in front of my house. If it did, that guy would definitely look at the crack. And then, all I have to do is just push him into it. I'm not gonna give up until I get that chance.

I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna cry.

Aah, but still someone is saying sorry over and over again....

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