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Best of Anime 2016 (day 2)

Hello everyone. Time of the year once again for BOA 2016. This convention was held for two days at SMX Convention Center (Sept 17-18). Oh, and unlike other conventions this year, this time I had to go solo... Mj cat, Mich and Sarah are busy with work. And I'm busy as well, so was only able to stay at the con for 2 hrs. Anyway, still managed to get some pics even if the stay there was short. This is my favorite anime convention, and would always attend it. ^^

Without any further delay here are the pics:

Bought ticket.

Time: approcimately 5:30 pm in the afternoon
Place: second floor of SMX Convention Center, inside the function rooms

First pic is a Nico Yazawa cosplay (awakened maid version) by Queenie. Oh well, I didn't expect to see a friend right away.


Had a little chat with Queenie. Then it's time to explore the place. Still plenty of people even in the late afternoon. The characters in the pic are from a new TCG.. Luck and Logic. Looks like an ineresting game.


Some nice mugs


Thirsty so I went to the snacks area. And found some cosplayers there. ^^

Chiyo cosplay by Angel Mae


Maid costrip by Lara


Time for a drink.


Recovered from the thirst. Let's keep going. ^__^

Ashley using a uniform from the drama Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. I think this can be called a costrip, since she's not copying any character. Well, she can be good as a cute Cattleya schoolgirl in the drama. :3

Want some cashew nuts?

The Japan Embassy. They have many interesting things in their booth - which includes plenty of origami. They also gave me a brochure with in fo on maid cafes in japan. Will show pics from the brochure later.

. . .

Sadly, since I arrived so late. The performances on stage are now over. On BOA 2014 I was able to take videos of Starmarie, but this year 2016 I have no videos to show you.

Hmm, even if there's no video we can still take pics. Let's keep going. ^___^

Time: approximately 6:30 pm
Place: second floor of SMX Convention Center, outside the function rooms

Aya Drevis cosplay by Shiori. There seem to be more c osplayers outside than inside.

Ayumi cosplaying as Rem from Re:Zero. She told me that it's nice to eat at Best Grill. @_@


This is where you can buy tickets.

Rory Mercury cosplay by Jozelle

. .

Settie as Asura Maru from Owari no Seraph and Kyla Senpie as Krul Tepes, also from Owari no Seraph anime.

You can see these screens when walking at the second floor.

Time: almost 7 pm
Place: inside the function room

The staff will check your arm once you go back inside.

Began exploring the stalls again. Maybe can find some souvenir to buy. I saw a Psyduck. XD

Mae cosplaying as Rikka Takanashi (goth version) and Ray as Dekomori. Well, Chuunibyou is still popular.

. . .

Some Aquors items.

Visited the Luck and Logic booth. The staff told me that it's a stand alone card game. The art is good enough, and would have liked to buy a box, but short on cash. ;____;


And the other things you will see inside.

. .

Haobun Project. Looks like a comic. The person in the pic is the one who drew them.


Visited the Japan Foundation booth, and got a leaflet from miss Nica.


. . .

And lastly, people aren't bored because One Piece Film: Z (eng subtitled)
is being shown on the big screens on stage.

Time: 7:20 pm
Place: outside the function rooms

Kurumi Tokisaki cosplay by Angelee

Chibi Ayu cosplaying as Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail. It's cute. *-*


Place: inside the function rooms

Almost time to go home. Went back inside for the last time.

Are you a RE:Zero fan?

Bought some souvenirs. A button pin and a You-chan mousepad. ^^


Rin cosplay by Almira

Some guys are watching Idolmaster on TV. I've listened to some of the songs and they're very good.

. .

Want a Kancolle bag?

People are still watching One Piece.

Learning how to make origami

Even if it's almost at the end. The convention is still very active. ^____^

A little sad that it's almost time to go home. Oh well..

Time: almost 8 pm
Place: second floor, outside the function rooms

By now you've probably seen the pattern. There are much more cosplayers outside the event. XD

Thea cosplaying as Emilia from Re:Zero


Saw another friend. Lorraine cosplaying as Shinoa from Owari no Seraph. Glad to see her, she's a friend that I haven't seen for a long time already.

. . . . .

Edward Scissorhands (genderbend) cosplay by Alexa. Now, this is something I haven't seen before. The props look difficult to hold, but she carried them well. Good work.

. .

Yuni Matoza as Maki Nishikino (ninja version) and Saia Sakata as Nico Yazawa (ninja version). Saia is a also a friend.. however, she did not tell me at the convention. Later on facebook, she told me that she was testing if I would recognize her. XD I did not, gomen. ><


Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Zhia. She has already taken off the wig, but took some pics just for fun.


Maria Christine as Maki (candy version) and Cai as Nozomi (candy version). Both characters are from Love Live season 1. Hmm, the original Love Live is still very popular here.

Jin cosplaying as Ram from Re:Zero. Hmm, many Re:Zero cosplayers in this convention.

. .

And one mo re Re:Zero cosoplayer. Mary Ann cosplaying as Ferris. Well, it's a nice anime, so it's expected that many people would cosplay characters from it. ^__^

. .

Time: past 8 pm in t he evening
Place: second floor of SMX

Time to go home now, but I took shots of cosplayers that I met on the way to the escalator.

Did not expect to see one more friend. But always expect the unexpected in conventions. Saw one more friend. Rica Otiz cosplaying as Hatsune Miku (senbonzakura version). I think the last time we met was 2013 or even 2012.. she has not changed at all - still good at cosplay. ^^

. . . . . .

Met two more cosplayers before going down to the first floor. Hmm, mt notes are a bit unclear. Only one name is written. I think Micah is the Nonon cosplayer, and her friend Touka Yatogami cosplayer is the one whom I don't know the name. Will edit this part once I get to talk with them.

. . . .

Place: first floor of SMX Convention Center

It has been a nice day. Had a good experience eventhough was on ly able to arrive the last 2 hours of the convention. Goodbye BOA 2016. Will come back again next year. ",)


From day 1:

I would like to congratulate my friend Jan Arielle Mendoza for winning the individual cloth category on the first day of the convention. She cosplayed as Korra from Avatar.

Pics taken at home:

Have some simple souvenirs from the convention.

Some anime pins. Pin from Hyperdi9mension Neptunia, Anohana, and anyone know which anime the girl with pink hair comes from? Anyway, I gave the Menma pin to MJ-cat, because she was not able to attend this convention.

Pics from the booklet given by the Japan Fpundation. One of the topics in the booklet is about the maid cafes in Japan. It's kawaii. :3

. . .

. . .

. . . .

And lastly. Got a You mousepad from one of the stalls there. One of my favorite characters from Love Live Sunshine. Would have also got a Yohane, but can't find any of her pics in the mouse pad stash.

Well, that's it. Thank you for reading. Might attend one more anime convention before the year ends. ",)

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