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Originally Posted by Prinkster
I absolutely love this show, and seeing all of these posts about how "The game is like 390840298492 times better than the anime" makes me want to play it. BUT I know nothing about how to get the game or play it, sooo, two questions:

1. Where are some sites I can order the game and get it shipped to me in the United States?


2. Honestly, for someone with little knowledge of Japanese (we're talking next-to-none), how hard/enjoyable would this game be if I just got a dictionary and tried to translate it?

Thanks for the help!
1. The best site seems for foreigners to buy the game would be a website called himeya shop.

You can buy:

This one, which will get you all the questions arcs (Onikakushi~Himatsubushi)
And this one, which will get you the all answer arcs (Meakashi~Matsuribayashi).

2. I wouldn't know as I am native, but I would say that if you can read a Japanese news site such, you can play the game with no problem.

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