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Okay...they listed Nanami's seiyuu as 佐々木望. Sasaki Nozomu (aka Yuusuke from Yuu Yuu Hakusho) also has his name written in the same kanji.

Judging from the relative obscurity of the other seiyuu for this series, I'm really hoping that this 佐々木望 is actually a young lady called Sasaki Nozomi who is completely new to voice acting...while there has been many instances of female seiyuu playing male characters, it is highly doubtful to me that they will grab some manly man and ask him to act all girly-girly in a shoujo anime

(Edited to add: And the seiyuu announcement news page on the official Web site confirms my above speculation...

Originally Posted by Bokura ga ita Official Web site - bolding mine
高橋七美:佐々木 望(ささき のぞみ)
声優経験のない彼女の声を、たまたま神戸のワークショップで聞いた大地監督がほれ込み、オーディションを経て見事主役の座を射止めた シンデレラ・ガール。
Takahashi Nanami: Sasaki Nozomi
Having no previous experience as a voice actress, it so happened that director Daichi (Akitarou) heard her voice at a workshop in Kobe, which he instantly fell in love with; after going through auditions, she became the Cinderella Girl who successfully snagged the leading lady role.

So the seiyuu for Nanami is decidedly the rookie Sasaki Nozomi - not manly Sasaki Nozomu. Please forgive me for superficially reading off the kanji and confusing you guys...)

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