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Research Note II (Ep. 13)

<About the Oyashiro-sama>

It is not known how the word Oyashiro-sama is spelled. However, this may also be the result of how the translation of its name had changed subtlely over the course of history. Hence, it is quite difficult to find whether or not this name is indeed correct to begin with.

In fact, the the only thing that is common in its history is that the readability of the four words O-YA-SHI-RO.

One theory states that the "社" (see footnote 1) that houses the Oyashiro-sama itself became a subject of worship, and that is why it became to be known as "御社さま" (see footnote 2). However, this theory is rather bland and boring.

While the following information may or may not be related to the above said matter, it is said that the noble Furude family has the bloodline of the Oyashiro-sama flowing within them. And according to the Furude family legend, it is said that if the first child that is born is a female after eight generations, that daughter in the eight generation will be the reincarnation of the Oyashiro-sama itself.

If one takes this legend into consideration, it seems the correct way to spell Oyashiro-sama is "御八代さま" (see footnote 3). (Of course, this spelling is just my own theory so there is no way of knowing for sure).

If such is the case, then the naming of the Oyashiro-sama is made under the premise of resurrection. Worshiping a deity under the pretense of its resurrection can be seen in many religions, so this is not rare. However, it is also interesting to note that several religions associate the resurrection of their deity with the "apocalypse."

Furude Rika, the cute little girl where all the village elders seem to take care of her with special treatment. ...There are rumors that she is the eighth generation "Oyashiro-sama." While I do not known the precise details of the Furude family tree, I do know that the first child of the past two generations were female.

Furude Rika, the little girl who looks over to protect Hinamizawa. What would happen if Hinamizawa loses her divine protection? What would happen if the tranquility between the humans and the demons were to wither away? Would all hell break loose once again as human-eating demons begin to engulf the village?

Weak and powerless humans cry and scream as the demons feast and remember what it was like to be their former selves.

...I wonder what a spectacle that would be. My heart pounds in excitement just imagining what it would be like.

Footnote 1: "Yashiro" - a place that enshrines a local deity
Footnote 2: Literal translation of this way of spelling "Oyashiro-sama" - The deity is the shrine itself
Footnote 3: Literal translation of this way of spelling "Oyashiro-sama" - The deity of every eight generations

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