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Considering that movie will deal with Amitie and Kyrie from Gears of Destiny games and that many people might not have played them (because they don't know Japanese, don't own the game or PSP or donl't like this genre of games), I'm among them, it would be nice if there is some way to find out what ws the story behind Gears of Destiny and Amitie and Kyrie's involvement in it.

Well for your enjoyment I trawled the old GOD thread and found that one user there did a synopsis of every stage of the game. For a game there is quite a bit of story coming with it so without further ado he following is a synopsis of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's PSP game Gears of Destiny:

Sequence 1 -
Sequence 2&3 -
Sequence 4 -
Sequence 5 -
Sequence 6 -
Sequence 7 -
Sequence 8: Part 1 -
Sequence 8: Part 2 -
Sequence 9 -
Sequence 10 -
Sequence 11: Part 1 -
Sequence 11: Part 2 -
Sequence X (epilogue) -

Also on youtube the following sequences or parts of them have been subbed in English:
Sequence 1 - only the introductory part
Sequence 9 in it's entirety

Gears of Destiny subtitled version - an ongoing effort

Even what little is available in English, if the character don't change, should give you an idea of the new characters. Basically Amitie behaves as if she has been transplanted from Guren Lagan (everything is about fighting spirit) while her sister and probable antagonist is a smug edge lord.

In the game they mention that there are other Gears of less than human variety so that might be where the mecha/robot army is coming. The conflict in GOD largely stemmed from the fact that Kyrie wanted to get her hands on the crystal Examia that was part of the defense system of the Book of Darkness (there is more on that in the synopses) and Materials in the end played a big role on avoiding it's complete activation. In the movie it's possible that they'll keep the crystal as a point of contention between the protagonists and the antagonists and ditch all the rest of the lore about Unbreakable Dark and Materials.

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