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Inner Glow,Outer Glow

HI Peoples I'm going to show newbies and stuff how to do inner glows outer glows all that stuff ok if no one knows what I'm talking about take this sig Riker made

Okay well that's the Outer Glow part to do this open up any image for example I'm take this image

Now I remove all the background with the magic wand or how ever you want to remove the bg with and then I'll copy the picture and paste it onto a bg that has colour other than white or what ever colour you want so it should look like this now

now go to Layers-Layer Styles-Belnding Options-Outer Glow or Inner Glow

Choose what ocapity you want it doesn't matter on what it's on it's what you want

And I hope that helped a bit since it wasn't a bit clear how I said it and that well goodluck with it

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