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thanks for e tutorials! i didnt discover that PS actually had a rounded rectangular tool, and i was unsure of how to use it, until i read e guides Yuiichi wrote. and i learnt about e "stroke" stuff from e shuffle! text tutorial too. didnt know what was stroke all about until now. thanks alot!

actually i have a rather different way of separating a character from e background. maybe u can call it e "noobish way", but i found it to be rather effective... i still hadnt mastered e quick mask method nor e pen tool method. what i did was:

1. duplicate e layer.

2. select e top layer and turn off e "eye" of e bottom layer.

3. use e eraser tool (i prefer using it as a brush, e magic eraser is good for deleting large areas.), to either delete away e character u want separated from e background, or simply delete away e background. (e areas deleted would become transparency.)

4. touch up on side areas using history brush. (like in places where u deleted too much.)

5. turn on e "eye" of e bottom layer, and u get back e original image, though u can now edit e character and e background separately. (like in e case u deleted away e character, e top layer would be where u would apply adjustments and filters to e background, while e bottom layer u can do editing to e character without affecting e background, since only e character is visible with e background layer on top.)

6. use e lock transparency button on e top layer, in this way u will nv fill up e transparent area.

i made my current sig using this method (though its not at all impressive, just one of my noobish attempts), but im sharing this method because, maybe other newbies/noobs to PS just like i am can use this method to do image editing, before they finally learn how to use e pro methods of quick masking and pen tool? =)

anyway, thanks alot for e tutorials! =D

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