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Maebara Keiichi's Interview (Epilogue Ep. 13)

Note: This really isn't a part of the TIPS, it is more like an information that was cut off from the anime at the very end of Tatarigoroshi

Summer of 2003

An elderly couple residing in Osaka Prefecture found a very old cassette tape as they were going through their son's belongings who died eight years ago. Their son (died at age of 47) was declared legally dead after they could not find his body when the fishing boat he was on capsized in 1995. In 2003, the elderly couple began to go through their son's belongings for storage after eight years of distraught. This was when they found the crucial cassette tape.

The deceased worked for a tabloid press from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and it is believed that this tape was recorded when he was a reporter during that time.

The label on the tape reads "November 28, 1983 - Maebara Keiichi." It is believed to be a rare recorded interview with the sole survivor of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster that occurred in June of 1983. As the sole survivor of the Great Disaster, there was high interest at the time in obtaining information from him about what he saw and witnessed on that fateful night of June 21. Alas, there had been no word from his own words what he experienced...until this time.

Hence, it is expected that this tape recording will become a highly valuable source.

Kei: "...It's kinda hard to explain when I know that this conversation is being recorded."
Reporter: "Don't worry, don't worry. Okay, if I do this, you won't have to worry about looking at it recording now, right?"

(The quality of the recording suddenly drops after this. Perhaps he put some kind of covering over the recorder?)

Reporter: "Okay, let's begin. ...Let's start with this one. Keiichi-kun, where were you on the night of the Great Disaster?"
Kei: "...right past the back of the go straight...there's this bridge. Right before entering the mountains. ....I fell off of that and lost consciousness."
Reporter: "Is that the night of the Great Disaster? More specifically, between the changing night hours from the 21st to the 22nd?"
Kei: "...No. It was in the morning of Tuesday the 21st. And I regained consciousness around noon the next, I guess I was out of it for about a day and a half."
Reporter: "What were you doing there? I'm sure everyone would say the same but, that day was a weekday and that bridge was nowhere near your home or your school."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "There are rumors that state that you knew about the Great Disaster beforehand, and you were making your way out of the village when you fell from the bridge."
Kei: "You've gotta be kidding me. Please do not say such things anymore."
Reporter: "I agree that it's nothing but baseless rumor. I'm sorry if I made you feel bad... Okay, next question. The bridge that you fell off of...on the map, that would make right? It's the one on the back of the shrine, past through the forest path?"
Kei: "....I think so. ....I never go there so I can't say for sure though."
Reporter: "Hahahahaha. Well, it's a mystery then why you would go to such a place that you never went on a weekday morning."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "And, this is the river that you had lost consciousness. However, do you know that this spot would be impossible for you?"
Kei: "....'Impossible'.... ....Again, .....'Impossible'....again? Again.... Still...."

(Maebara Keiichi mumbles "Impossible" over and over again for a while)

Kei: "...Why do you say it's....impossible?"
Reporter: "You know that the volcanic gas came from the lake overturn at Onigafuchi Marsh, right? Well, a certain scientist did a small scale simulation using a model, and he found an interesting thing."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "The volcanic gas is much heavier than air, so it has properties similar to water in which it flows to lower and lower ground with regards to the surrounding terrain. The experiment was done to see how and where this gas engulfed the village in which certain amount of time. ....And the results of this experiment showed that the gas....well, it would've gone through right where you said you lost consciousness."
Kei: ".....I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you are trying to get at."
Reporter: "Basically, if you did indeed lost consciousness at this spot, it means you were subject to the deadly volcanic gas for the entire night. Therefore, the possibility of you losing consciousness at this location was ruled out."
Kei: "........................................"
Reporter: "I'll say it more bluntly. ...I think you might be lying. I think that during the Great Disaster, you hid yourself somewhere safe, and once the gas subsided, you went to the village to seek help from the SDF. ....How's that? Did I get it right?"

(The reported makes some jabs jokingly towards Maebara Keiichi for a bit, but all that is replied is a deep sigh)

Kei: ".....Well, even if that were true, ....I wouldn't be surprised."
Reporter: "Not surprised? ...What do you mean by that?"

It is noted that some skeptics doubt whether this recorded tape is really a genuine conversation done with Maebara Keiichi.

Kei: "....You said it yourself, didn't you? That it's 'impossible.' ....Well, in Hinamizawa, the 'impossible' is possible. ...There, a person who shouldn't be there exists. A person that should be dead, is alive. ...It's nothing strange in that place. ....I didn't imagine that I myself would be the proof that a person that should've died is still alive.... Hahahahahaha. A~hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Reporter: "A-HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAhahaha..."

(The reporter and Maebara Keiichi laughs together for a while.)

In order to seek validity, this recording was presented to the relatives of the Maebara family. However the relatives was unable to give a definite answer in validating Maebara Keiichi's voice due to the low quality of the recording compounded by the long time that has passed since the Great Disaster.

Reporter: "Okay Keiichi-kun, let me change the subject. What do you think about the stories that proclaim the Great Disaster being the fifth year's curse of the Hinamizawa Serial Murders?"
Kei: "Oh, that can't be true because the fifth year's curse is myself."
Reporter: "Huh? Ahahahaha! What do you mean by that?"
Kei: "What do you mean..., I'm responding to your question."

There are also doubts about the date November 28 on the label of the tape.

Kei: "....I doubt you'll believe me but....that Great Disaster? Well, I caused it. ...I wished everyone in that village to die, and that's exactly what happened."
Reporter: "Hahahaha... Well now, that's a pretty spectacular story there."
Kei: "Spectacular? ....I guess that's an intersting way of saying it...."

For one, Maebara Keiichi was transferred to a medical facility after he was diagnosed with severe psychological disorder when he attempted to commit suicide in August; two months after the Great Disaster.

Kei: "I killed Takano-san, I also killed the Kantoku and Oishi-san as well. ....I had some kind of divine powers within me at that time. ....How can I say a sound of footsteps?"
Reporter: "Footsteps...? .....Hahahaha, what do you mean by that?"
Kei: "What, you've never heard footsteps in your life before? ....Step Step. Tap Tap. Kukuku."

Since the medical facility shut out the media requests, it is highly unlikely that such a tape could even exist with that was supposedly recorded after August of 1983.

Kei: "It's pretty interesting when you stop and stand still. You should give it a try starting from today. ....And when you hear an extra footstep even if you stopped yourself...well....that's when you should start being careful. ....Fufufufu."
Reporter: "A...Ahahahaha! Oh...Of course...Yes, I'll becareful. Haha, hahaha!"
Kei: "......Did I say something....very funny right now?"

However, this reporter was known for his aggressive reporting style at the time, so one cannot dismiss that he might've entered the facility's compounds illegally for a guerilla-tactic interview.

Kei: "You....have been laughing smudgingly all this time. ...Just like the kantoku. Pretending to feel sorry for me, pretending to listening to what I am saying...when in fact you look at me with those eyes as if I'm kind of psycho or something."
Reporter: "Haha, haha. ....No, of course not. Hahaha..."
Kei: "No, ....I know. Your eyes is exactly the same the kantoku."

Is this really Maebara Keiichi's own voice...? The validity of this recorded tape is yet to be unshrouded from its mystery.

Kei: ".....I can't hear those footsteps since that day. ...Hence, I don't think I have such a horrific power like I did before... ....But, I'll wish for your death this one time. Death for you as a result for this unpleasant talk we've been having. ...Hmm, let's try on how you're supposed to die this time as well. ...Takano-san was burned to death so.....okay, you are water. You drown to your death in water. How's that?"

This reporter did indeed die ten years later in July of 1995 by drowning from a boating accident just as Maebara Keiichi noted he would.

Kei: "...If my power was at its peak, you would die by next morning. ...Now I wonder how many days it will take you to die with water? Fu, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ....You becareful, you hear? You don't want to die from my curse do you? ....HAHAHAHAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-H

(The tape suddenly stops in the midst of Maebara Keiichi's laughter)

And as for Maebara Keiichi....

He suddenly fell under a severe fever and passed away two days later on November 30, 1983.

The night before he died, the nurse station received several eerie calls as reported:

"...And yet another footstep..."
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