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Otaku Expo 2017 (day 2)

Hi. Time for our first anime convention report of this year. Otaku Expo 2017 happened last Feb 5, so this writeup is very late - sorry for that, was very busy with work. Anyway. this is a fun convention. Not very crowded, so it's easy to move around. Saw some friends too.

Well, without any further delay here are the pics:

Arrived at approximately 1 in the afternoon. Bought ticket to get inside the megatrade hall.


First cosplayer that I saw is Kikumi cosplaying as Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku. That's a nice smile, and a good way to start the day. ^^

. .

Next is a Sakura Miku cosplay by Mae

. . .

Ok, time to explore the place. Let's check some of the booths. ^^

Pusheen items.

Some nice drawings


Saw some cosplayers who are near the booths. Note, if a cosplayer is buying something. Wait first for them to finish before asking for pics.

Rikka Takanashi cosplay by Belle

Maerinn cosplaying as You Watanabe from Love Live Sunshine


And one more Love Sunshine cosplayer.. a Kurosawa Ruby cosplay by Nyazowa Suwawa - she has a cute and funny nickname.

It's like she's saying "ganbaruby" in the first pose. ^^

. .

Ok, let's explore some more inside the megatrade hall.

Saw a booth selling AKB48 items.

Yoshino Tsushima (fallen angel version) ccosplay by Naomi. Plenty of Sunshine cosplayers in this convention.

. .

Ok, that's walk inside for now. Let's try the hallway of the 5th floor. There are actually often more cosplayers outside than inside the megatrade.

Jen cosplaying as Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul. I think this is the anime where people get eaten. Saw her near he exit.

. . .

Time: almost 3 pm in the afternoon
Place: 5th floor of SM Megamall, just outside the megatrade hall

Found a bunny. ^^ Nozomi Toujo cosplay by Joy. Saw her near the escalator. Will be editing this part later. I don't know what version of Nozomi she's using.

Isa seno cosplaying as Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Had to take these shots fast because a guard might tell us to go away from the busy escalator area. ><

. . .

Walked to the far end of 5th floor. Here, the mood is more relaxed because no guards in this area who will tell cosplayers and photographers to "move on".

Chitanda Eru cosplay by Renchan. Cute. ^^

. . .

Dhei cosplaying as "Ghost" from Call of Duty


Nica as Sakurachi Riko and Mikhaela cosplaying as Kunikida Hanamaru. Both characters are from Love Live Sunshine. There's actually 2 more persons in their group of Aquors cosplayers.. a Ruby and a Yoshiko, but I was not able to take pic because it's a bit crowded in this area.

. .

Saia Sakata cosplaying as Rem from Re:Zero. Was not able to get the name of the Ram cosplayer.

. . .

Well, that's enough walking outside. Let's go back inside the megatrade hall.

Time: approximately 3:30 pm in the afternoon
Place: inside the megatrade hall

And we have more Love Live. This time characters from season 1.
Yuri Suzuki as Honoka Kousaka and Aila as Kotori Minami. More Love Live is always good.

Saw a zombie dog!! O_O It's hard to hear what he / she is saying. And cannot hold ballpen to write name. Anyone know this character, and what anime it comes from? XD

Raven cosplaying as Beatrice from RE:Zero

. . .

Some Love Live items. Can hang these in your room?

Bang Dream poster. Unfortunately, my hands are shaky when taking this pic. So it's totally blurred ><

Time: almost 4 pm in the afternoon

Saw a friend. Krisha cosplaying as Yoshiko Tsushima from Love Live Sunshine. She's in "Yohane" mode. Even complete with a book.

. .

While I was taking shots.. another girl came and talked to me. Oh, i t's another good friend. Ally cosplaying Nico Yazawa from Love Live season 1. She really likes this character. Did not recognize her at first... but I remembered that she's the Mirai cosplayer we met at Cosplay Carnival last year. ^____^


Shot one more pic with Krisha before moving.

Saw a Kurumi poster in one of the booths.

And just some steps away from where I saw Krisha and Ally. Saw another good friend.. Kaori Miyazono cosplay by Charlene. Did not expect to meet plenty of people that I know in this con. Have seen her use this cos before, but this is the first time I've taken pics of it.

. . . . .

Mikki Nyan cosplaying as Mitama from Fire Emblem.

. .

More Pusheen items. the plushies are cute. However, I don't have enough extra money to buy them. ;_;

Some more items from the other booths. hmm, plenty of cat items in this convention.

If you like to stay at home like Umaru...

Shimakaze umbrella

Some more Umaru. XD

Ririchiyo cosplay by Almira. In the afternoon, cosplayers can still have a nice smile even when most people are already tired.


Looking at the dakimakura sold at Micari Shop... getting tempted to buy the Emilia. ><

. . . .

More cat items. ^^


Zombie dog has died. Maybe some resident evil cosplayers killed him? Hehe, just kidding. ><

Cathleen cosplaying as Chiya from Urara Meirochou. First Urara cosplayer I've seen. Some cosplayers here are fast, at the time I took this pic.. the anime is just on episode 4 or 5. Anyway, her Chiya cosplay is cute. ^^

. .

Ok, let's explore the place some more. There are still some booths that I haven't visited yet.

Panda wallets

Amanda cosplaying as Ai Shindou from Kyoukai no Kanata

. . .

Stocking Anarchy cosplay by Bree Chan

. . . .

Up next are Yna and Kimiko as Rem and Ram from Re:Zero. There are plenty of photographers taking photos of them. Waited for my turn to take pics.

. .

Walked a bit more. I saw a Mitsuha cosplayer near the stage.. Hori cosplaying as Mitsuha Miyamizu from Kimi no Nawa. We had a short talk about the movie, and opinions about the story and ending.

Then I Saw a bear. Would have liked to buy i t and take home to some friends. But don't have much extra money.

It's almost time to go home. Let's go out again.

Time: almost 5 pm in the afternoon
Place: 5th floor of SM Megamall. Outside the megatrade hall

Hiyori Iki cosplay by Lei. Asked her where's her tail. Told me that it's not there. People who watched Noragami would understand what I'm talking about. XD

. .

Just near where I saw Lei. I saw another Mitsuha cosplayer. ^^

Honey cosplaying as Mitsuha Miyamizu. We also had a short talk about Kimi no Nawa. The movie is really good. And Honey is good at making a cute pose. ^^

. . .

Gladz as Nico Yazawa and Gen as Maki Nishikino. Both characters are from Love Live season 1.

Krul Tepes cosplay by Jayla.


Fanta as Minael and Ell as Yunael - from Mahou Shoujou Ikusei Keikaku

. .

Jelly cosplaying as Mei Misaki from Another. I think this is a nice Mei cosplay.

. . . .

Yuni as Dia Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine. Maybe because of being tired, I mistook her for Yohane. Then I realized student council president is the one who makes those poses. XD

. .

Radz cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama

. .

Oh, and found another friend. Lulu from League of Legends - cosplay by Tricia

. .

Hmm, and I also found Ally outside. We took a shot just for fun. ^^

Ok, going inside for the last time.

Time: past 6 pm
Place: inside megatrade hall

Let's take one more look at the booths.

Akame dakimakura being sold at Micari shop

Aquors items

Saratoga and Yamakaze cosplay by Yuki and Yuii ^^

Red cosplaying as Ayano Tateyama from Mekaku City Actors

More stuffed toys.

Sakura Narumi dakimakura?

Clais cosplaying as Yang Xiao Long from RWBY

Met Krisha again. Well, Yohane has a lollipop now. XD

. . .

Nina cosplaying as Maekawa from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

. .

Oh well, did not expect to see one more friend. It's a Megumin cosplay by Regine. Are there giant toads inside the hall? Haha, Konosuba always takes away some tiredness.

Hmm, and she is the one who made the props and costume for her cosplay.

. . . .

Now just in front of Micari shop. Thinking of going home. When I saw my friend Yuki. She did not cosplay today. But we took pic anyway.

Micari shop

Bought an Emilia dakimakura from them . OMG.... Rem almost all sold out. The blue hair meido is indeed the BEST GIRL.

Oh, and they are the kind owners of Micari Shoppe. Paul and his wife. Gave me a discount.

It's evening. Surprised to see again the first cosplayer I met at this con. Well, Ririchiyo is still smiling. ^^


Met Regine again. So some last shots before going home.


Ashley as Serinuma Kae from Watashi ga Motete Dousunda and her friend Charrie cosplaying as Mirai Kuriyama

Sabs as Ram and pen as Rem. Nice pose. ^^

And one more Love Live cosplay before going out.

Zed as Maki Nishinkino (schoolgirl version).

Time: past 7 pm
Place: hallway outside megatrade hall

Aaand totally unexpected. Saw one more good friend. Mary Grace cosplaying as Kotori Minami (devil version). Hmm, Grace I did not know that you like Love Live now. XD

. . . . .

Well, time to go home. Some good memories today. Might come back again next year. ",)

Pics taken at home:

Cat wallet

I like cats, and this makes a good souvenir

Emilia dakimakura. I chose the safe for work version. Emilia-sama why did you emtpy my wallet? You're really the silver haired witch! >___<

Hmm, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next writeup will be about Cosplay Carnival 2017. ",)

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