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Originally Posted by arias
How do you define what's hilarious?

Something that makes you laugh? Damn right.

And there are things in the world that make you laugh, that don't make others do so.
First, you've already helped me point out the definition of hilarious.

Next, here's a full list of why Episode 00 is hilarious:
Yep its long, took me over 1 hour 30 minutes to type that while going through episode 1 for the 20th time or so, I still laughed at some parts.

And I didn't say everyone is going to laugh this much or more, I did specifically state: you need to have good knowledge of sentai shows, love dramas, movie making and be at least near otaku level to understand the jokes.

And with such a long list of stuff to laugh at, Its very safe to say that this episode is intended to be the most hilarious.
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