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Cosplay Carnival 2017 (day 2)

Hi, time for another anime convention report. Cosplay Carnival happened last March 25 and 26 at SMX Convention Center. Attended the second day of the event. Due to busy schedule, I was a bit late and got there at almost 4 pm in the afternoon. But there's still a lot to see there even if I was late.

Without any further delay, here are the pics:

Got ticket from first floor of SMX.


Time: almost 4 pm in the afternoon
Place: third floor of SMX, outside Function Room 5

Went up to the third floor. Saw my friend Grace cosplaying as Nozomi from Love Live (idolized magician version). Good thing I walked around first instead of going straight into Function room 5. Grace has fever, maybe because the costume is not easy to wear? Gave her a medicine from my bag. Always have paracetamols because if someone get's carsick. She went home right after we finished shooting. @_@

. . . . .

Place: inside Function Room 5

Really crowded inside. Didn't expect this many people.


First cosplayer pic inside is Umaru cosplay by Izzel. The first pic is not a stolen shot - we did that pose to make it look like Uma ru is playing a game.


Something going on at the stage. Some sort of question and answer contest?

Misa Amane from Death Note. Cosplay by Lizzy.


Some things you might want to buy. :3


Well, let's walk around. I'm being careful not to bump into anyone, because the place is really crowded.

Anna cosplaying as Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

. .

And just nearby, found another friend. Emilia cosplay by Jazmine Tan. There are actually many photographers taking her pic. The costume fits her well. ^^

. .

Tried to go outside and walk around, but outside it's even more crowded. So I went back into the Function Room.

What you would see outside..

Went back in. ><

Time: approximately 4:30 in the afternoon
Place: inside Function Room 5

There's a store inside that sells only Live Live items. The Honoka and Nico figures look good. Tempted to buy one, but not enough money.


. . . . .

Krul Tepes cosplay by Aiyeen. If you look at the first pic, you will notice that she even has fangs. Really nice.

. .

Saw my friend Yuki. Cosplaying as Yukine from Noragami. We chatted a bit, then I walked to explore some booths that I haven't seen yet.

Cat items



Kongou-san <3


There's a section for artists. For a small fee, you can request a sketch of your favorite character or something else here.


The Carnival tarpaulin. You can see this hanging at different places inside Function Room 5.

Kimi no Nawa and Rem


Anyone remember this anime?

And lastly. A schedule if you want to have a meet and greet with the giest cosplayer Haoge.

Ok, that's enough walking around inside, and a lot of time has passed. Maybe it's not crowded outside anymore. Went out again.

Time: approximately 5 pm in the afternoon.
Place: outside Function Room 5

Kristine cosplaying as Emilia-tan. She wrote "Emilia-tan" on my notepad.
And her friend Rochelle doing a costrip... I remember we talked it's almost supposed to be a character from an anime, but the costume is still not fully complete so we just write it's a costrip for now. Seeing them is a nice way to start the walk outside. ^^

. .

Next I saw another friend. Angelica - or you can call her Jelly ^^, she's cosplaying as the battle version of Mumei. Hmm, first time I saw this. Did not know that Mumei can do this. Getting interested to watch the anime.

. . . . . .

Haruhi cosplay by Clar

Saw Jelly one more time, we also took pics of the back of the costume.


Decided to go back inside.

Time: approximately 5:20 pm in the afternoon
Place: inside Function Room 5

Still many people inside.

Armie cosplaying as Dia Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine. I think she got the facial expression just right. xD


Kristine as Kiyoko and Lorraine as Hitoka. Both characters are from Haikyuu! anime.

Next I saw Czarina and Ashley cosplaying as jpop characters. They wrote "Baby metal" on my notepad, so they are probably doing a cosplay of that jpop group. I think cosplay is really cute. ^^

. . .

And walking some more, I saw Another friend. Shazu cosplaying as... ?? She wrote "Perkee!" on the notepad. Oh, and see the guy holding the teddy? I asked if teddy is for sale. He replied that it' not for sale. Teddy is the "baby" of the shop.

Yukino cosplay by Abegail. Ok, I don't know from which anime the character came from. Sorry, forgot to ask the cosplayer. Will ask Abegail when I contact her.

Another unexpected meeting, saw my friend Donna-chan... she suddenly appeared. ^^ Anyway, glad that we met again. She's cosplaying as Senjojougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari. I think character with long hair fits her well.

. . .

She used her cellphone to take this pic.

Hanekawa Tsubasa cosplay by Clarence. They're doing a group cosplay.

Well, after some chat time to do some more walking. It's almost time to go home..

Time: almost 6 pm

Keziah cosplaying as Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil

. . .

Saw Jazmine again... well, more shots of Emilia is always a good thing.

. .

Still plenty of people at the convention.

Elie Ayase (awakened cheongsam version) cosplay by Rachelle


Next I saw a nice Akame cosplay by ninj9. She's good at posing for pics, looks like she practiced Akame's moves already. ^_^

. . . . .

ninj9's deviantart

Walking a bit more, I saw another friend.. Rhoan cosplaying as Sakura Kinomoto. We chatted a bit, then I walk on to get some more pics.


MC cat version by Josephine. It's cute and funny when she's using the chopsticks. xD


And the last pic inside the megatrade hall is a Pikachu cosplay by Alexyzs. Saw her and her mom near the takoyaki food stand. Even her socks are Pikachu. :3

. .

Time: almost 7 pm
Place: outside Function Room 5

Well, sadly it's now time to go home. But I still have the camera on hand to get a shot of people I will meet on the way out. ^^

Did not expect to see one more friend, but it happened. Met my friend Chiisai cosplaying as Hanamaru from Love Live Sunshine. The last time I saw her was almost 2 years ago, glad to see her again this day.

. .

Ruby Kurosawa cosplay by Ayen

Mimo Tan cosplaying as Maki Nishikino (ninja version)

Kuroko hime from Accel World. Cosplay by Rita Mae. Wow, it takes some skill to move around in those huge wings.

Now going down to the first floor and outside t he SMX building.. but wait!! There's one more pic. ^^

Alice cosplaying as Chieri from AKB0048. Well, the wig isn't exactly the right color, but I'm still glad to see that some people still cosplay as AKB characters. They seem to have attended the conven tion as a group, because I saw a Sonata at the ticket booth.


Had a really good time today. Unexpectedly saw many people that I know, some of them I have been friends with since 2014 - glad that they are still active at conventions even after man y years have passed. Goodbye Cosplay Carnival 2017. Will try to come back again next year. ^^

Some simple souvenirs from the convention:

Rem, Aqua and Menma pin. The PERKEE calling card from Shazu. An d of course, the cosplay carnival ticket.

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading. Next convention report would be Toycon 2017. Have a nice day everyone. ",)

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