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Box Selection Game (Ep. 14)

Do you think there is such a thing as choices in life?
There are a lot of people who lament.
They say "if clear choices were set up at various turnpoints in my life, then I would've been able to gauge them carefully, and guide myself to a better future."

...Whenever I hear lamentations like that, I would think "what a pointless worry".
Even if we were given choices to select from, it won't have any meanings anyway, nor does that help us guide ourselves to a better future.

......You don't understand?
Well then, as an example, let's put two odd-looking boxes in front of you.

And then, let's say you are now given two choices.
That is, do you open the red box? Or do you open the blue box?

You would probably be indecisive, right?

"If I have to open one, be it red or blue, I would want to open the one that's better for me", it's a very natural desire to wish for that.
And then, after considering various factors such as the boxes' shape and feel, and after much contemplation, you would finally pick one of the boxes.

.........Which box would you pick?

Red and blue.
...If we were to follow the rules of the traffic signals, then red means danger.
But that doesn't mean blue would guarantee safety either.
Who knows, it might actually be a trap to make you feel cautious about the red box, so that you would open the blue box.

...Is it possible that the contents within the boxes are not gains, but actually something that causes a loss instead...?

Now then... you're becoming more and more indecisive now.
Torn between the choice of red and blue, must be beginning to hope for a choice to leave this place without opening any boxes at all.

But nope. You must open one of the boxes.
Ah, I almost forgot to mention this, but once you pick a box, the other box will disappear.
So you'll have no way of knowing what was in the box that you didn't pick. Just to let you know that we have this rule, okay?

Now then. Want to take your pick?
The red box? Or the blue box?

...Don't worry, there's nothing bad in either of them. ...Come on.

Spoiler for Open the red box:

Spoiler for Open the blue box:

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